New HoopaDoo Toy Aids Motor skills and Developmental Milestones

A new educational, gender-neutral toy is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘playing to learn.’ The HoopaDoo stacker toy grows with a child, leading them through four different learning levels and pushing them towards developmental milestones.

Suitable for babies aged six months and above, HoopaDoo helps tots develop through their early years and offers a sensory play experience. From biting and stacking at the first levels of play, as children grow older they can start to incorporate the corresponding story cards to aid thinking, memory recall, colour and shape matching and even spelling and reading.

Designed to be completely gender neutral, HoopaDoo features nine colourful stackers in shapes such as a star, a turtle, a wheel and a propeller. The matching story cards also ask questions to the reader and promote the development of problem solving skills. The innovative toy boasts four different levels of play through the crucial developmental stages:

Novice (6-12 months)

In the first year of their life, babies can practice gripping and grasping the stackers, not forgetting biting.

Amateur (12-18 months)

As toddlers start to become more inquisitive they will be able to stack each stacker on the base, strengthening hand-eye coordination, and learn the names and colours of each stacker.

Pro (18-24 months)

As a pro player, toddlers can start to match each stacker to its story card and with the help of adults, answer the questions and solve the problems. They will learn about shapes, numbers and textures, expand their vocabulary and improve dexterity.

Master (2-4+ years)

Children grow so fast, but luckily the HoopaDoo can keep up. As youngsters develop, the toy can be used to help with spelling and reading, and adults can use the stackers to help kids learn about the world around them, and where the shapes would be found in the real world. It can also be used to encourage storytelling within group play.

Shim Offor, the mumpreneur behind HoopaDoo said, “There are so many developmental milestones to try and figure out in the first few years – it’s no wonder many parents can’t keep track. The HoopaDoo has been designed to grow with your child and aid development at every single stage. I developed the design while my two children were toddlers, and it’s so versatile that they both loved playing with it for years. How many toys have that kind of longevity these days?”

The multiple play levels which allow children to develop at their own pace are just one benefit of the toy – it’s also completely gender-neutral, so it helps children develop as individuals and has a focus on motor skills rather than trying to develop a particular mindset. HoopaDoo is also entirely portable so can be taken everywhere with your child to keep them playing to learn.

HoopaDoo is currently in the very first stages of production, and is the subject of a Kickstarter project to raise the capital needed to keep the manufacturing in the UK.

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HoopaDoo is a colourful new gender neutral toy from independent children’s company, Mooshkie Moo. The toy incorporates an array of different learning experiences, including cognitive development, number recognition, spelling, vocabulary and more.