New Map Printing Start-Up Turns Topographical Map Data into Colourful Works of Wearable Art

A start-up t-shirt company is going global with a bespoke service that allows fashionistas to create utterly unique apparel from topographical map data. Blending artistic creativity with high-end production technology, MapOnShirt takes geospatial maps and reimagines them as wearable art dripping in a kaleidoscope of colour.

Unlike other run of the mill custom t-shirt design services, MapOnShirt underpins itself with an inherent sense of creativity and wanderlust. Designs can be personalised to feature locations across the globe, from big cities and sprawling landscapes to local neighbourhoods and one-horse towns. 

Martins Lismanis, head of production, said, “Life is too short to wear a boring wardrobe. With MapOnShirt, the fashion savvy can rock apparel that’s just as unique as the places they’ve lived, travelled or dreamt of. Whether customers want to flaunt a map of their local neighbourhood or showcase a depiction of that far flung country they’ve always dreamed of visiting, MapOnShirt can make it a reality.”

To transform topographical map data into colourful works of wearable art MapOnShirt relies on next generation OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. To aggregate the designs OSM information is imported into a database, then processed by geospatial algorithms. The entire import process takes over a week and results in 150GB of query optimised data. MapOnShirt is intensely proud of its reliance on open source software and sees itself as a pioneer of electronic meets imaginative ventures. There are a myriad personalisation opportunities, so the wearer can make the map truly personal with the option to add text, map markers and logos.

Founded by Martins Lismanis and Martins Linde, MapOnShirt was borne from a lifelong love of orienteering sport and an infatuation with maps. In 2014 the pair manufactured the first MapOnShirt polo for the FOSS4G 2014 Portland Conference. It was an instant conversation starter and confirmed that there is most definitely a market for map themed apparel. As well as premium quality t-shirts MapOnShirt also creates custom pillows and headwear in a myriad of colours and sizes.

Every item is custom made which gives the apparel an exclusive edge. The design possibilities are endless, with customers quite literally enjoying access to the entire world, at their fingertips. In just 30 seconds customers can create brilliant results that are guaranteed to get heads turning. Once orders are placed map designs are printed onto fabric, then cut, sewed and packaged. They’re then shipped from Riga, Latvia and Northern Europe.

All items are manufactured with sublimation printing technology for an ultra-fine, highly detailed finish. The soft poly fabric is moisture wicking and feels great on the skin while the precision cut and sew process eliminates the risk of smudges and white streaks.

All orders are processed and distributed within five working days. True to its global roots, MapOnShirt offers FREE worldwide shipping with no minimum order value.


Dakota Digital for MapOnShirt

Contact: Rebecca Appleton


Tel UK: 01623 428996

Tel US: 917-720-3025


MapOnShirt is the world’s first ever custom map designer tool for apparel production. It allows customers to create unique t-shirts, pillowcases and headwear using OpenStreetMap (OSM) data.