New Research Report: How Coaching is Being Managed and Tracked

Hundreds of thousands of pounds are being spent on executive coaching in this country, yet fewer than one in seven organisations (15.3%) has calculated their return on coaching investment.

So says this new report, which investigates the way coaching is being managed and tracked in the UK.  It is based on interviews with HR, OD and L&D Directors and Managers in 69 large organisations collectively employing approximately 688,000 people. Organisational talent development consultancy, The Learning Curve (TLC) Ltd, commissioned the research from Helen Lewis of Adsum.

The research challenges how effectively coaching is being managed in our larger organisations, especially in those public sector organisations where managers need to better account for tax-payers’ money. Whilst a handful of organisations are very satisfied with how coaching is managed in their organisation, the vast majority feel there’s room for improvement.  Colin Newbold, founder and CEO of TLC said “We understand how powerful getting the right kind of coaching can be, but until now results are empirical or anecdotal at best.  CLOs need to apply a more rigorous approach to evaluation if they are to continue to secure coaching budgets.”

By its very nature coaching is resource intensive, yet the fact that many organisations do not have an accurate picture of coaching in their organisation is concerning. Although not an easy task, it is possible to evaluate the impact of coaching and, in turn, calculate the ROI. The research offers suggestions for how to do this.  Mr Newbold added “Our new brand offers a guarantee on all of our leadership development and coaching work, following the application of a robust measurement process.”

The need for all areas of organisations, including HR and L&D, to demonstrate the value that coaching adds to the organisation has never been greater yet worryingly so few have calculated their return on coaching investment. It is vital for any organisation committing significant resources to coaching to measure the value – especially those in the public sector.

You can read the conclusions and recommendations for how to manage and track coaching more effectively by downloading a free copy of the paper from the website:

Media Contact:  Colin Newbold,