New SAT Global Telesummit Helps Students Secure Benefits of US Education

A boutique private tutoring group is helping high achievers secure the benefits of US education with an innovation driven event centred around the new SAT process. Pegged as 2016’s most exciting academic event, the New SAT Global Telesummit is an invaluable resource for students wanting to secure a place at a US college of any caliber.

From February 15–17th, 15 hand-picked international speakers will share their knowledge on the upcoming SAT changes, as well as their own personal success stories. One such speaker bringing world-class insight, knowledge and skill to the event is Drusilla “Dee” Blackman, who has a long and varied career in college admissions, first as the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Columbia and most recently as Dean of Graduate Admissions at Harvard University. An Ivy League student herself, Ms Blackman knows exactly what a winning application contains, and even more importantly, what a selective college is looking for in an application. 

As certified world changers at the top of their game, the exclusive discussion style interviews offer massive amounts of academic value, backed with life changing results. For students, it’s a not to be missed opportunity to prepare for the SATs, and unlock the myriad of benefits that come with a US college degree.

When it comes to US job opportunities a college education gives applicants a serious competitive edge. With the latest research from Educated Rooster predicting that by 2018 60% of jobs will require some form of post-secondary education, the value of a college degree is palpable. The same study found that unemployment rates are significantly lower for those with higher education credentials up their sleeves. The Bachelor’s Degree demographic is 4.9% lower than the national average, while Associates and HS Diplomas are 6.8% and 9.4% lower respectively.

As a global leader in university education and research, the USA is home to some of the most coveted professors on the planet. When attending US college students are guaranteed enthusiasm, expertise, experience and innovation from every educator. With full professors earning an average of $68,214 in the lowest median and $136,634 in the highest median, financial incentives also ensure that US colleges attract the crème de la crème of talent. 

Whatever the college, whatever the degree, US graduates enjoy the value of global academic prestige. American education institutions won five out of 10 places in the latest QS Top Universities 2015/16 countdown, making it the world’s top performer. Regardless of whether or not students attend the top five institutions of MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Caltech or the University of Chicago, the sheer fact that higher education was granted in the US comes with intrinsic distinction.

“The USA is renowned as the number one place to pursue higher education, with a plethora of prestigious universities and world class colleges peppered across the nation. Together, our lineup of 15 VIP guest speakers is on hand to help students prepare for the new SAT changes, and give themselves the best possible chance of scoring admission to an American college, and the incredible benefits that go with it,” says Dr. Michelle Commosioung, Director at Chelsea International Education LLC, the group behind the New SAT Global Telesummit.

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The New SAT Global Telesummit is a three-day event aimed at students, parents, teachers and tutors. Using practical training and information sharing it exists to help virtual attendees develop an in-depth understanding of the new SAT examination process.