The people at Teaple know their tea. For centuries, a nice cup of tea has been staple in British culture ever since the first tasty little leaves were brought over from colonial India. But since the invention of the tea bag and cheap, mass produced dried tea leaves, the art of making a proper cup of tea from whole, fresh leaves has been forgotten. Teaple are here to remind us that a cup of tea can be a truly memorable experience.

The brand new website provides speciality teas made from fresh, whole leaves and infused with a delicious selection of fruits, berries and herbs, but without the air of pomposity that is often associated with ‘proper’ tea. Their mission is to prove that ‘proper’ tea doesn’t necessarily mean ‘posh’ tea, and that the act of drinking a brew can be a fun occasion for family and friends to enjoy.

Teaple’s blends are made using only the finest quality tea leaves sourced from sustainable producers from across the globe and fruits grown locally here in the UK. They use a UK based importer and member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETC) who they lovingly refer to as a ‘tea-guru’ who helps them source their teas, fruits, flowers and oils.

Their emphasis is on the big flavours that can only be achieved when using top quality whole leaves. They take a traditional approach with a modern twist. When brewing using traditional methods, it can take quite a lot of time, effort and equipment such as tea strainers, which not everyone has, which is why they have selected biodegradable and recyclable tea bags especially for their whole leaf and whole fruit blends.

Lewis Parsons, founder of Teaple says, “Teaple is all about proper whole-leaf tea, without the faff. We believe making tea should be fun, much like having dinner with friends or sinking a few jars with workmates after a tough day in the office.  With this in mind and with the help of some fellow tea-lovers I set out on a mission. After months of early morning brews, late night tastings, countless filled notepads and many a packet of chocolate hobnobs, the teaple range was born. We have carefully selected our range based on quality, flavour, provenance and sustainability.”

Their range includes such delightfully monikered tea blends as ‘Lord Grey’s Tweed Trousers’ – a modern twist on the bergamot scented classic ‘Earl Grey’; Posh Spice, a caffeine free blend of lemon, ginger and fennel and the deliciously sweet and citrusy ‘Brewbarb and Custard.’ All of these blends and more can be purchased on Teaple’s newly launched website, as well as at pop-up market stalls throughout London, where Lewis and his friends can often be found curing hangovers on the weekend with their delectable range of teas.

As well as enjoying a cuppa through the day, the Teaple range can also be used to make delicious cocktails and recipes. A brand new section will launch on the website soon with a collection of exclusive recipe ideas for keen chefs, baristas and bartenders alike.

Teaple was created with help from Start-Up Loans. Founder Lewis Parsons was one of the few young entrepreneurs recently invited to attend a reception at 10 Downing Street with Prime Minister David Cameron, businessman James Caan and chef Levi Roots.

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Teaple provides high quality whole leaf and infusion teas, no faff, no pretense, no ‘laa-dee-da’, just really great tea.