Next Generation Primed to Revolutionise Advertising Industry with KRPT Week

The future of advertising is here and KRPT Week is celebrating the revolution with seven days of insight, as dictated by the next generation. As a global movement, KRPT is fronted by over 500 established creators across the globe. From musicians and artists to brands and blogs, the group is a holistic representation of the youth culture of tomorrow. Starting from 1st Feb 2016, KRPT Week will tap into this talent, and launch a galvanising campaign designed to bring commerce back into sync with the next generation.

Founded by young people, for young people, KRPT exists to bring the advertising industry up to date with the wants, needs and demands of the next generation. At its core, KRPT Week exists to celebrate the ideas, leaders and brands the advertising industry forgot to notice. Today, far too many companies simply latch onto the ‘hottest’ talent in a bid to guarantee themselves instant success. Yes, it sometimes works, but ultimately it’s a categorical copout. By delving head first into current cultural scenes KRPT gives brands a channel to become iconic, relevant and authentic.

Gone are the days where the Don Draper ad his ‘Mad Men’ cronies dictated what’s hot and what’s not. Today, this approach has left millennials feeling definitively disconnected from modern advertising. Frustrated with the outdated approach, KRPT was founded to create a better way to connect future leaders with industry.

The movement is a new mindset; it’s a global network of creators who think brands need to change. Our mission is to grow and support the scenes we love and we feel brands are best placed to make this happen,” explains [Inder Phull, CEO at KRPT LDN.

Accompanying the event are two tongue in cheek hashtags that reflect the intrepid attitude KRPT takes towards reforming the face of contemporary advertising. Needless to say, #LongLiveAdvertising and #DeathToAdvertising will be heavily trending when KRPT Week rolls around.

Throughout the week KRPT will shine the spotlight on the ideas and leaders that resonate with the next generation. The week will be peppered with a myriad of exclusive events and workshops featuring key brands and agencies, all exploring how ethics, technology and culture are important topics of debate within today’s advertising scene.

“It’s the future of advertising, according to the next generation,” says Inder Phull, Founder/CEO of KRPT.

The event is sponsored by The Young Guns Network and Skute, two organisations that embody the energy, youth and innovation that KRPT Week is all about.

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KRPT is a creative movement that works with brands to grow culture. It was started by Inder Phull, Hanin Hamed, Tom Molyneux and Mitun Thaker, a group of young entrepreneurs with a vision of revolutionising the advertising industry.