NoMeds Offers Brits New Range of Scandinavian Posture Solutions

Drug free healthcare solutions group NoMeds is helping Brits achieve perfect poise with a range of products from trail blazing ergonomics brand, Swedish Posture. Designed with modern wearers in mind, the range represents a new era of ergonomic function for all. 

At its core, Swedish Posture is driven by a desire to overcome the stagnant sitting lifestyles that modern society has so readily adopted. Rather than spend every day putting bodies through unnecessary stress, the brand advocates for stronger muscles, straighter backs and healthier habits. Developed, designed and researched in Sweden, every product is pioneered by a team of professional ergonomists, physiotherapists, athletes and product developers. The result is a revolutionary range of ergonomic products that offer wearers real results.

Ramzi Saab, Founder of said, “We believe that in modern society there is a place for both Western medicine and holistic practices. By hunting down products that leverage innovation and advanced technology, we offer Brits a wealth of drug free solutions to pain management and healthcare. The Swedish Posture range perfectly represents what NoMeds is all about, and has already become a best-seller with customers of all ages.”  

For those in search of an innovative everyday solution, the Swedish Posture Balance disc is designed to actively work core muscles to increase strength in the abdomen and lower back. Rather than allow muscles to get used to a certain position, users are forced to balance upright, sideways and forwards which keeps movement continuously dynamic. The elegant aesthetics and streamlined style make it an attractive addition to any office. As well as encouraging workers to ideally align their bodies, Balance also provides ongoing mini-workouts, improves blood circulation, improves motion range and alleviates back and neck pain.

Ladies looking for a female-friendly posture improvement solution will love the beautifully designed Swedish Posture Feminine undergarment. Stylish, discreet and comfortable, the product corrects and straightens for a noticeably more confident stance in just seconds. The cap sleeve gently pushes back on the shoulders which slowly builds up muscles over time. Perfect for slipping under office outfits, weekend wear and evening attire.

From the office to the gym, the Swedish Posture Flexi is must have ammunition for any man wanting to adopt a strong, confident and domineering presence. The slimline design is ultra-discreet and features adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit. As they wrap around the shoulders the bands create a gentle, more natural balance between the front and back muscles. As well as comfortably stretching the pectoral muscles, Flexi also works to foster an upright, more masculine stance. 

From office workers and exercise enthusiasts to parents and seniors, the Swedish Posture range has a myriad of benefits for every wearer.

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