Only 17% of UK Businesses Incorporate Electronic Document Storage into DR Plans

The cost of downtime to SMEs can amount to £170,000 per disaster – yet almost half of businesses surveyed don’t have a full disaster recovery plan.

A survey by global software provider V1 has found that just 17% of UK businesses have incorporated electronic document storage into disaster recovery plans. The survey was carried out among senior IT and finance professionals across the private, public and third sectors. A leading national document scanning company, Pearl Solutions, is urging businesses to think about their DR strategy and take action before it’s too late.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “These survey findings are quite worrying, as it shows that many companies are completely unprepared for any type of disaster. In a catastrophe, how would businesses recover lost information and how could they stay compliant if they are heavily reliant on paper documents?

“Almost half of respondents admitted that their organisation would not recover from a severe disaster in less than 12 months without a sufficient DR plan in place.”

Electronic document storage is an efficient way of safeguarding valuable information, and it can also make day to day operations more effective. Additionally, it isn’t costly to implement and switching to a paperless office can be a quick and painless process. So why are only 17% of companies utilising electronic document storage? Of those that hadn’t yet introduced digital files, 33% agreed it was a ‘critical’ part of a company’s continuity plan, while 49% said it was ‘very important.’

Other existing safeguarding procedures mentioned in the survey included IT backups, office relocation facilities and crisis communications.

Mr Ashraf added, “With the estimated cost of downtime caused by disasters reaching £170,000 for SMEs, businesses simply can’t afford to put off scanning their documents and storing them digitally.”

Pearl Scan have worked with hundreds of private and public organisations across all sectors, including NHS and private medical trusts, schools and universities, legal firms and community and cultural archive groups.

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