Oris Oral Health Centre Launches in London, Aiming to Innovate and Educate in World of Dental Hygiene

The capital’s first dental hygiene franchise will usher the public into a new era of oral health

A brand new oral health and dental hygiene centre is set to open in London, seeking to offer the highest standard of dentistry services to patients young and old. Oris Oral Health Centre is the first franchise in London to be opened by a dental hygienist, and will not only offer cosmetic and restorative dentistry, but also preventative dentistry services, to help change and shape attitudes towards oral health in the UK.

Vaida Buksnaityte, Founder of Oris Oral Health Centre, wants to place a real focus on education and preventative care, to help thousands of people avoid the pain, anxiety and costs that come with extensive dental repairs. With more than half the UK population suffering from gum disease of some form, the team at Oris will strive to change attitudes towards dentistry, moving towards the prevention of oral diseases, rather than the treatment of them.

By getting out into the community, interacting with local families, schools and health authorities, the team at Oris have made it their mission to promote and improve understanding of oral health, as well as offering a range of quality services to keep teeth and gums in prime condition.

Vaida Buksnaityte says, “Attitudes to dentistry in the UK generally revolve around fear and anxiety – but here at Oris, we want to change all of that. We want to emphasise that coming to a dental hygienist should be like going to the hairdresser – a painless and sometimes even enjoyable experience that should be carried out regularly for optimum health and the best aesthetics.”

Vaida adds, “All Oris patients will receive their own personal preventative plan to help keep their teeth and gums healthy, and we’re going to be playing an active role in shaping new attitudes towards visiting the dentist, which we hope will remove much of the stigma and replace it with a positive, preventative approach.”

As part of their commitment to education, Oris will be holding Sunday ‘classes’ on oral health, where families and locals will be able to speak with dental professionals and find out how to properly care for their teeth. A series of seminars and training sessions will also be running, aimed at everyone from dental professionals to those simply interested in enhancing their oral health.

Alongside these educational and preventative measures, Oris Oral Health Centre will be providing cosmetic and restorative services that include teeth whitening, veneers, orthodontics, facial aesthetics, fillings, implants and crowns. With a clinic on the prestigious Harley Street and another in Highgate, Londoners now have easy access to a team of highly professional dental hygienists that are ready to innovate and educate.

For more information, please visit the website: http://www.orisohc.co.uk/ 


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