Overcome Unpredictable Market With Printdesigns

The unpredictability of the current economic climate is having a devastating effect on many SMEs up and down the country. Statistics discovered as the result of surveys have found that many entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly more difficult to establish their next move in a market that is so volatile. Some of the most interesting figures include the fact that entrepreneurs were 360% more likely to believe that their finances would improve in the near future, when in fact they declined. 20% of new businesses fold within their first year, with a staggering 50% following within three years of their start-up. With such unpredictability abound, it is important for businesses to get a hold and achieve results in one of the most reliable ways they can; through an exhibition.

A successful exhibition involved early planning, with direct marketing strategies and a firm stance on the direction the display will take. It is important to let prospective customers or clients know in advance that the company is planning to take an exhibition stand to a show and this can be done through many channels including email, mailing lists and adverts on websites. Special offers for subscribers or those who have followed the adverts online can help to ensure maximum visits on the day.

Whilst at the show, ensuring the stand is eye-catching is paramount to overcoming unpredictable visitor numbers and guaranteeing a successful day. Displays with pop up banner stands or stands which involve some form of media are incredibly popular, and can provide company overviews for newcomers as well as in-depth information for those familiar to the products or services. There are numerous options available for all budgets, from complete exhibition bundles to basic banner stands, and when combined with abundant promotional materials and helpful sales staff, they are sure to result in all targets being met.

Following the exhibition it is always recommended that businesses follow up on prospective clients who may have taken an interest in their banner stand or display. Following up with a phone call or email is a great way to encourage new custom, and the simplest actions such as ensuring the website is up to date and ensuring all business cards contain relevant contact details can go a long way to ensuring some degree of control over the success of the event.

The unpredictability which has consumed the UK market in recent years has become troublesome for many businesses, but taking firm control of an organisation’s fortunes by attending a successful exhibition or trade show is one of the best ways in which entrepreneurs can overcome these economic issues.

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