Overhaul business downtime for free[U1]  with pioneering offer system  [U1]Only free for 30 days

A new business start-up is helping companies around the country turn quiet times into profitable times with an innovative online system. AppyOffer, based in the UK, is a ground-breaking service that allows business owners to reach their audience at the click of a button, targeting past customers with enticing offers when they need it most.

Designed for any business where repeat custom is possible, the multi-platform system undertakes a four-step process to give businesses a boost when customer trade is slow. By generating a sense of urgency and exclusivity among its customers, AppyOffer enables businesses to encourage its customers to take advantage of a range of offers there and then. The system works by first creating an interest, allowing businesses to produce offers online, setting the quantity available and expiry date. That offer is then sent to the customer base – direct to their mobile device – which provides them with a unique code in order to take advantage of the exclusive, limited-time offer. The consumer then redeems the offer either online or in-store, boosting businesses’ sales, bookings, appointments etc.

[Hitesh Mistry], [Founder] said, “AppyOffer is a fantastic way for all types of businesses to grow their customer retention, offering them access to fantastic and exclusive offers direct to their inbox. Research suggests that a customer retention increase of just 2% has the same effect as decreasing costs by a huge 10%. AppyOffer helps businesses to bridge the gap, assisting with customer preservation and loyalty.”

With three main objectives, AppyOffer aims to; to increase appointments, bookings and sales, to build brand loyalty within the existing customer base and ensure that the business remains operational. Stating that “when offers are exclusive, scarce, or in high demand, it becomes more desirable”, AppyOffer helps businesses to fulfil this technique to its fullest using state of the art technology.

Expertly created, the software is fully-compatible with all desktop application and IOS and Android mobile devices. Prices start from just £20 per month, however for new customers, they are offering a 30 day free trial, to allow businesses to see the benefits for themselves of using AppyOffer to send targeted offers direct to their customers.

To find out more about the AppyOffer free trial, visit the website: www.appyoffer.com

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/appyoffer


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