Oz & Mr Curious Is One-Stop-Shop for Pet Presents and Festive Gifts for Furry Friends

If you are among the 85% of pet owners that buy their furry friends a Christmas gift every year, Oz & Mr Curious could well be your new one-stop-shop for all pet presents this festive season. The online shop specifically for feline and canine companions offers everything from dog bowls to cat collars, designer leads to tasty treats, and is the perfect place to stock up on great gift ideas that will have your pet feeling like part of the family come Christmas time.

June Ling, Founder and Managing Director of Oz & Mr Curious, says, “At Oz & Mr Curious we understand that pet owners certainly want what’s best for their companion, and often treat them like an extra member of the family, especially at Christmas. Our ethos is to stock the highest quality pet products on the market, and our entire range is perfect to give as a gift to a dog or a cat this Christmas. We stock everything from treats and hygiene products that can be given as a one-off festive gift, to more permanent items like beds, bowls, carriers and car seats.”

Some pet owners will be looking to upgrade the basics this Christmas, to allow their pet to live in the lap of luxury for the next few years. The luxury cat and dog beds from Oz & Mr Curious come in a range of different shapes, sizes, designs and colours to fit in with any home and to suit any furry friend. From the quirky and cute ‘Cat Crib’, which hangs from the underside of any chair and offers a cool place for any feline to hang out, to the feather-soft Mutts and Hounds Balmoral Check Tweed Donut dog bed, the range of pet beds available from the online retailer will give any animal a luxurious and comfortable place to spend the night or even take a little cat nap.

There are also a great number of toys that dogs and cats will get plenty of fun out of while everyone enjoys their Christmas dinner. From chew toys that dogs can get their teeth into, to cat toys on wands that will give felines hours of fun chasing squeaky mice and other soft toys, there is something for every pet with every personality.

The saying goes that a pet is for life, not just for Christmas, but if you’ve chosen this festive season to bring a new animal into your home after much thought, you will need to give some consideration to their training, their hygiene and their general wellbeing around the home. Give them the best start in their new life by kitting your home out with litter trays, scratching posts, comfortable beds and training toys to help them get accustomed to their new environment and enjoy their first Christmas with their loving new owners. 

For more information about the range of dog and cat products available from Oz & Mr Curios visit http://www.ozandmrcurious.co.uk

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Oz & Mr. Curious aims to bring in innovative, unique yet practical and affordable accessories which are new to the UK market for our very much loved cats and dogs. We believe in stocking good quality products that would last a long time. At the same time, we will always try to maintain our prices as low as possible. We will carry out a price comparison as often as possible and aim to be price competitive.