Pallet Truck Provider Encourages Investment as UK Emerges from Recession

A leading provider of pallet trucks in the UK has urged businesses to consider investment in their fleets as it emerges that the country is finally on its way out of the recession that has plagued the last five years. The economy looks to be finally making a recovery, and an expert from Midland Pallet Trucks has advised industrial companies to take advantage of the brighter economic outlook by placing investment in their now more secure futures.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, “After many years of austerity and cutbacks simply to keep their heads above water, many businesses may have forgotten what it’s like to make a real investment in their company. Their equipment, their staff and their products are the most important assets they have as a business, and it is crucial, now the economic outlook appears to be a little brighter, that they take advantage of the growing optimism and the ascent from recession and make the necessary investments in their businesses.”

The freight and logistics sector is one which relies largely on the efficient and safe transport of goods from one place to another, so any investment to make these types of businesses more streamlined is sure to come in the equipment they use. Pallet trucks are one of the most crucial pieces of apparatus used in these circumstances to transport loads of up to 2500kg from one area in a workplace to another. From the delivery bay right through to the distribution area, pallet trucks carry the vast majority of goods which are passed through Britain’s warehouses and factories, so it is important that these trucks are of the highest quality and performing to their highest capability.

Investment in pallet trucks can come in a number of forms. Many choose to expand their fleet in sheer numbers, buying in more basic hand pallet trucks, the versatility of which means they can take on a great number of tasks and complete them with ease. Having a large fleet of trucks means that more goods can be transported and passed through at any one time, with more ease on the part of the employee.

The other method of investment is to widen the capabilities of the pallet trucks within a workplace. If the regular pallet trucks are having to go the long way around the factory with awkwardly shaped loads in order to dodge the narrow aisles, consider investing in a traverse pallet truck which can navigate these aisles by travelling sideways rather than simply forwards and backwards. Similarly, if the pallet trucks hit trouble when they reach the outside loading area, because of its uneven ground, a rough terrain pallet truck can help to keep delicate goods upright and safe as it crosses a gravelly or rocky outdoor area.

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