Pallet trucks imperative for reducing carbon footprints post Referendum

As the country etches ever closer to the impending EU Referendum, the emphasis on the environmental impacts of modern life is becoming more prominent. The results of the Referendum could change the way many businesses work and revolutionise the equipment readily available. However one of the country’s leading suppliers of pallet trucks is highlighting the ‘green’ credentials of the staple machinery, stating that no matter what happens in the Referendum, companies can be sure they are contributing to the good of the environment with eco-friendly pallet trucks.

It’s been reported that an exit could signal the reintroduction of banned products such as incandescent lightbulbs, which were banned by the EU in order to reduce emissions and increase awareness of the importance of lowering carbon footprints. Pallet trucks on the other hand are notoriously good for the environment. Allowing employees to transport huge capacities around warehouses and factories without relying on any fuel other than manpower, while minimising the need for other carbon-emitting machinery, they are instrumental in saving energy around the workplace.

Speaking about the Referendum and the changes it could bring to businesses, Phil Chesworth from Pallet Trucks UK said, “No matter what happens with regards to the Referendum, it is imperative that businesses continue to make changes in order to reduce their carbon footprint. As a nation, we have made excellent progress, and we are now more clued up than ever when it comes to the environmental impacts of our actions.”

Their unique and robust construction allows heavy products that reach into the thousands of kilograms to be easily moved without the need to rely on fossil fuelled tools. They rely uniquely on the manpower of the employee operating them, making them one of the most energy-efficient methods of transportation in any setting.

Phil adds, “Within the retail industry, there are so many factors that we cannot change in order to make them ‘greener’. However making sure businesses utilise what is out there – such as environmentally friendly machinery – can make a huge difference to the future of the planet.”

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