Pearl Scan Offers Councils Scanning Solutions to Tackle Growing Number of Applications

One surveyor in Shropshire has said that planning applications are taking up to four weeks, with decisions taking a maximum of 6 months. Scanning solutions specialists, Pearl Scan Solutions are offering councils document scanning services to help tackle the growing number of applications they receive in abundance everyday.

The UK’s favourite scanning solutions company, Pearl Scan is encouraging councils and other local authorities to switch to paperless operations by investing in bespoke document scanning management.

Shropshire Council are not the only authorities to have experienced an unprecedented amount of complex planning and building applications which are taking longer and longer to approve up and down the UK.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “What is happening in Shropshire is happening all over the country. Councils are struggling to keep up with the sheer volume of applications received each day.

“Switching to paperless operations can help councils save both money and time, which can then be put into other departments or areas of attention. It is about time that local councils begin to tackle this issue of rising applications before they will end up in worse predicaments – with many unhappy constituents.”

Document Scanning helps make the process and organisation of planning applications easier. Instant online access allows documents to be accessed at any time, off any device from anywhere in the world. Whats more, for files that require an extra bit of security, Pearl Scan offers a unique encryption service which can protect confidential documents from prying eyes.

The growing number of applications also means that local authorities can save money and space. Physical files add up, taking up significant amounts of room in a building. Document scanning frees up space that can be used for other means, saving money on space that would normally hold paper files.

Embracing the digital revolution allows councils to organise applications easier, reducing the amount of time to source needed files. On average employees spend 18 minutes searching for a single archived document. Online scanning solutions allow for a decrease in source time, improving overall employee productivity.

Ashraf added, “No longer do councils and other local bodies have to worry about mountains of paper applications. Pearl Solutions offers a simple, quick and effective way for councils to tackle the ever growing issue of applications. Allowing them to respond quicker and free employees from the stress that sorting through multiple files and drawers can bring.”

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