Pearl Scan’s Heritage Scanning Helps Safeguard Old Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms and photographs which have been passed down through generations are vulnerable to loss and damage, as highlighted by a recent news story from the States. A precious family album featuring 50-year-old photographs was found at a flea market, and one woman made it her mission to return the memories to the family. With the help of ABC Action News, the album has now been reunited with its rightful owner.

The family feared the photos were lost forever, and said the complete stranger who made sure the album returned home had done something “priceless” for them. This story has a happy ending, but it highlights the need for a safer way to store valuable family heirlooms and memories which cannot be replaced.

Expensive family jewellery, treasure or any inheritance or legacy is usually insured – but what about old family photographs? To many people these are worth more than anything else left behind, but there is no way of protecting them from fire, water, theft or any other type of damage.

The only safeguarding measure which can ensure photographs and memories stay intact is digitising them. By using a heritage scanning service offered by companies such as Pearl Scan, families can make digital copies of their albums which will last forever, and most importantly scanning won’t damage the original copies.

Naveen Ashraf, Managing Director of Pearl Scan Solutions said, “Losing family albums which could be decades or even hundreds of years old can be totally devastating for a family. Our question is – why risk it? No matter how careful you are with an album, you can’t protect it from the elements and soon enough the photos will fade along with your memories. Creating a digital copy ensures your family’s heritage will always live on, and it’s also much easier to share with family members who could be living all over the world.”

Pearl Scan Solutions scans lots of important documents for families and businesses worldwide, and they handle all items with care and confidentiality. In addition to scanning photographs and albums, the scanning experts can also digitise hardback books, so if families have a book about family history or their family tree, this can also be scanned to make sure it is never lost or permanently damaged.

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