Phase-Change Memory Mimics Human Brain – Data Memory Systems Examines The Future of Computer Memory

Could computer memory be about to match the abilities of the human brain? Researchers at IBM think so, after they used an innovation called ‘phase-change memory’ to build a device which processes data in a way that’s inspired by the workings of the brain. The new form of computer memory could help machines to process information the same way a human does, especially when it comes to tasks like interpreting images or analyzing video footage.

Experts say we’re a long way from creating artificial intelligence as showcased in some Hollywood movies, but great strides have certainly been taken to mimic human synapses and pave the way for future developments. The new innovations will, at the very least, give computers the chance to ‘learn’ from experiences and ‘understand’ information in a whole new way.

US computer memory supplier, Data Memory Systems, is impressed with the breakthrough, and believe it will lead to a multitude of advances - and not just in computer memory. A spokesman for the company says, “It’s truly exciting news that researchers believe they can mimic the human brain’s analytical capabilities using phase-change memory chips. The development is certainly not advanced enough to lead to independent AI-type machines just yet, but computer memory solutions are growing more sophisticated every day.”

The spokesman adds, “At Data Memory Systems, we strive to stay on top of all the latest breakthroughs in computer memory, whether it’s a new form of RAM memory or something altogether more advanced, like AI or memory which mimics the human brain.”

Phase-change memory is an innovation which is expected to be widely available within the next few years. It writes information quickly and packs it more densely than much of the memory used in computers today – which makes it ideal for creating brain-inspired systems that have many more synapses. The type of memory is also much easier to reprogram, which makes it more practical and suitable for building systems which ‘learn’ certain behaviors, and adjust them accordingly when it’s fed new data.

It will be a few years before Data Memory Systems is able to stock phase-change memory, but in the meantime, power users of computers can stock up on highly advanced memory solutions for a range of devices. Whether they need a RAM memory upgrade to boost performance, or need an external hard drive to offer increased storage options, Data Memory Systems provides exceptional quality products at competitive prices.

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