Photos To Freedom: Globe Trotting Photographer Launches Campaign to End The Syrian Refugee Crisis

After witnessing first-hand the horrors of the growing refugee crisis in Syria, photographer Ahsan Abbas is undertaking a fundraising campaign to help support the young children and their families making the desperate journey to escape the war torn country.

In addition to travelling, Ahsan Abbas spends his time teaching courses on photography and running an online blog documenting his travels and sharing the latest tips and tricks in photography. To raise money for the refugee crisis, Abbas is making all of his services available on Crowdfunder and donating all of the money raised to help support Syrian refugees.

Ahsan Abbas said “The conflict is at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the minute, but I don’t think people realise that they can actually make a huge difference to the lives of these refugees. Such a small contribution can provide so much support for people that have lost everything.”

For the last decade, Ahsan Abbas has travelled across forty countries and gained a wealth of experience in photography, developing his own techniques to a world-class standard. A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society Ahsan was proudly shortlisted as Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2013. His work has been commissioned and exhibited for a number of high class events with major organisations, including the United Nations.

Abbas’ online courses offer key techniques in photography, how to utilise different types of cameras and solve any troubleshooting problems users may have. His website offers a free E-book course taster.

The globetrotting photographer has guaranteed that 100% of the earnings from Crowdfunding will go towards helping Syrian families. Abbas explains, “After seeing first-hand what was happening to these families and hearing some of the harrowing stories from the news and from victims themselves, I had to do something. I have travelled through these countries and seen for myself the devastating effect this conflict has had.”

A popular platform used to raise money for start-up companies and entrepreneurs, Crowdfunder is a viable online alternative to bank loans. It also provides opportunity for investors worldwide to explore economic potential in a range of businesses or projects in return for rewards such as discounts, products and even equity.

Crowdfunding a current trend that is allowing people all over the world meet financial targets, Abbas hopes that people will see the value of his campaign through the photographic services he is offering. To donate or to find out more about ‘Caring for Refugees’ please visit:




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Ahsan Abbas is an inspirational and internationally-renowned humanitarian & landscape photographer, educator, speaker and traveller. He is passionate about capturing images which absorb the viewer and take them, for a moment, beyond the here and now to another time and place. His work is a living journal of his travels throughout more than 40 countries across 4 continents and brings together a diverse – yet breath-taking selection of images, each of which tells a unique, beautiful and exceptionally powerful story