Following the success of last year’s event, America’s top medical job site,, is hosting its largest gathering of physicians across Southern California at the Los Angeles Doctors’ Spring Event 2016.  The event will take place at The Olympic Collection in Los Angeles on Sunday, May 1 from 2 pm to 5 pm.  Doctors are urged to sign up soon as last year’s event was sold out. is a leading company established by physicians from Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, USC, and Cedars Sinai Hospital.  Since its launch, it has gained a reputation as a trusted resource for healthcare professionals across America to advance their medical careers.  As the wave of discontent continues to rise exponentially among healthcare providers; this leading job site is making a powerful impact in the medical community.  Its job listings, resources, viral articles, and popular events have attracted hundreds of thousands of medical professionals across the country.

Last year, over 250 doctors attended the Los Angeles Doctors’ Spring Event, which coincided with the launch of  A year later, the website continues to prove invaluable for medical professionals.  The event in May is positioned to attract even more physicians than last year.  The program will feature innovative companies, physician leaders, and new healthcare startups that are making the biggest impact on physician practices across the country.

According to Melinda Hakim MD, ophthalmologist and CEO of, “Having excellent clinical skills and a superb medical knowledge base are not enough to grow and sustain a successful medical career. was established to address the practical aspects of medical careers that are typically not addressed in professional school.  Our physician networking events are an essential part of this mission.  When planning our events, we recruit the country’s most influential companies to come and present tools and business strategies that significantly boost revenues for medical practices.”

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