Pixeluvo is Powerful Resource for Part-Time Photographers

Part-time photographers are set to prosper thanks to the release of an innovative new photo editing tool from former Sony games developer, Andy Gill. Engineered to offer users professional standard quality with a part-time price tag, Pixeluvo is a must have tool for any amateur photographer wanting to create premium results.

Carving a career as a professional photographer is no easy feat, with only a handful of aspiring shutterbugs making it big. However this doesn’t mean an interest in photography can’t still be indulged, with plenty of camera enthusiasts turning their passion into a part-time profession, or even a hobby. While casual photographers may not be able to purchase the expensive photo editing software used by industry professionals, Pixeluvo is ensuring that they don’t have to compromise on quality.  

Unlike other high end photo editing tools that require hefty investments of both time and money, Pixeluvo is simple, streamlined and affordable. The powerful image manipulation tool is ideal for part-time photographers that want to keep overheads down, without settling for a substandard finished product.   

Gill said, “With Pixeluvo there is absolutely no reason why part-time photographers should have to feel at a disadvantage to their full-time counterparts. The software offers all the advanced features and functions of Photoshop, yet without the complex interface and sky-high price tag.”

Using his experience as a professional gaming developer Gill has embedded the software with a myriad of powerful tools that rival the likes of Photoshop and other big name titles. Colour correction is one of the industry’s biggest fundamentals, with the power to transform an image from dull to dazzling. Using a full range of colour transform filters, Pixeluvo allows users to transform the entire look of an image. Curves and levels filters offer editors complete control while temperature, shadows, midtones and highlights can be adjusted to create the perfect balance.

Thanks to the integration of powerful features and functions, part-time Pixeluvo users can edit images to an utterly professional standard. The suite offers full support for RAW image editing which allows users to make the most of the extra precision available in unprocessed files. For part-time photographers or hobbyists wishing to remove or replace backgrounds, insert objects or paint out unwanted articles, the complete set of layer based tools meet the highest industry standards. Tools such as Spot-Heal, Clone, Filter and Warp are also ideal for polishing photo portraits to smooth skin, blur imperfections and change eye colour. The suite also fosters creativity and experimental ventures, allowing users to create complex photo montages, simulate real drawing media and more.

Gill has polished off his photo editing suite with an ultra-modern user interface that’s intuitive, beautiful and non-intrusive. Simple yet perceptive controls streamline the editing experience while panel hide, full screen mode and ‘expose’ view can be activated to help editors minimise distractions and focus on the project at hand. For part-time photographers this keeps the experience fun, enjoyable and stress free.    

“I believe that at the heart of photo enhancement software should be a focus on helping editors create amazing images, not continually wrestling with the user-interface. That’s why I’ve worked hard to make Pixeluvo an easy, intuitive and uncluttered platform that’s a pleasure to use and look at,” adds Gill.

To find out more about the benefits of the software for part-time photographers, and download a free trial of the innovative software, go to: http://www.pixeluvo.com/


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Developed by former Sony games programmer Andy Gill, Pixeluvo is a new generation of photo editing software designed for Windows and Linux users. The interface is simple and easy to use, accompanied by an affordable price tag. This makes it a great Photoshop alternative for amateur photographers, and anyone with an interest in enhancing the aesthetics of personal albums. The latest version of Pixeluvo is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux.