Planet EdTech Offers UK’s First Comprehensive Resource for All Things Education and Technology

Introducing Planet EdTech – the UK’s first website dedicated to education technology, and an exciting new resource for educators and entrepreneurs alike.

The brand new website wants to forge connections between the education and tech communities, empowering teachers to discover the best technology for their needs and inspiring entrepreneurs to create solutions to real problems facing the UK’s teachers today.

Though still a new venture, Planet EdTech has impressive credentials – it is already partnered with Duolingo, Edmodo and Class Dojo, three of the world’s most respected EdTech companies, and with an engaged community shaping the topics and content, the site is set to become the go-to resource for anyone interested in educational technology.

Planet EdTech is also currently the subject of an exciting crowdfunding campaign; the team want to make Planet EdTech a crowdfunded global media cooperate, owned by readers and journalists. This inspiring, not-for-profit media model is the perfect fit for a site which focuses on the important topic of education, and the extra funds will allow the team to take on more core staff and invest in developing the content to its highest potential.

Jodie Oliver, CEO and Founder of Planet EdTech, says, “It’s undeniable now that technology will shape how we educate ourselves and our children over the coming decades, and it’s crucial that educators and entrepreneurs have access to resources which help them solve many of education’s issues. Planet EdTech was founded to encourage teachers and inventors alike to communicate and collaborate, finding advanced solutions to age-old problems and futureproofing education for the next generation.”

Jodie adds, “Planet EdTech is the first site of its kind in the UK, and will be a community-driven resource which is shaped entirely by those within the education and technology industries. Visitors to the site will be able to catch up on the latest news, read reviews and feedback on new products, and get the lowdown on all the latest edtech events coming to the UK – as well as being able to communicate with one another in a way that will benefit everyone.”

One of the key strengths of Planet EdTech is that there will be no censorship – anyone is welcome to sign up and share their thoughts with a like-minded community, posting articles and reviews that they think will further the cause.

Planet EdTech will be a community run by the community, for the community. User experiences and reviews will fully inform everyone involved in educational technology of the best products available and how to use them to their full potential. This valuable feedback can then be passed onto developers, who have a real insight into what teachers and educators are looking for, and which solutions will prove most effective. The result? First-class education technology for all.

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