Planning Banners and Promotional Materials Well Ahead of Outdoor Events Good Practise Advises Display Experts

The UK weather is a constant contradiction; only reliable in its unpredictability. However, this doesn’t stop thousands of companies large and small organising events that will take place in the generally warmer spring and summer months. With snowfall across the country and temperatures dipping, it may feel like these sun-drenched events are way off in the distant future, but advance preparation is vital for these occasions. Without the appropriate level of planning from marketing managers and promotional teams, companies can find themselves sourcing promotional material at the last minute. This could prove disastrous if you find yourself with smudged and ruined non-waterproof outdoor Roll-up Banners in the middle of a July downpour. It’s also important to ensure that all outdoor promotional material is weighted down correctly, as you won’t want to watch in dismay as your display’s flies away in high winds. Luckily, adverse weather conditions can be overcome with a selection of the right apparatus.

Banner stands are a popular choice of advertising and promotion at indoor events and have been for a number of years. An alternative range is finding its way onto the market that will easily withstand the strain of possible wind and rain. Outdoor banner stands are created with features that specifically help them to combat the British weather. The stands themselves are waterproof and the width of the stands is not so much that one strong gust could see the display flying away like a kite. The base of the stand can be filled with water and sand depending on how much stability is necessary, and the easy assembly and deconstruction of the stands means they are great for travelling displays for use at events or exhibitions.

If the outdoor event in question is being held at the organisation’s own premises, it may be possible for businesses to install more permanent additions to their exterior in order to assert their brand and to help welcome guests to the event. Flagpoles with printed flags are a great way to signify the grand intentions of a company, and they can be mounted on walls or in floors for maximum effect. The flagpoles and sturdy, durable and once installed they will last for many years. The accompanying flags are often made of polyester fabrics that will not be damaged by adverse weather, and the flags can be left at their full height or lowered depending on each organisation’s preferences.

Of course, not all events are doomed to be spoiled by changeable weather. Many of them will go without a spot of rain, and these summery events will aesthetically benefit from the use of bunting. A quintessentially British phenomenon, bunting instantly gives a sense of occasion, grandeur and excitement to an event. It can be strung up in the sunshine between stands and displays, and can be used promotionally as well as decoratively. Printed bunting including business logos and motifs is available to reinforce brand awareness and to make all guests aware of exactly who they are dealing with, whilst offering a summery feel to an event.

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