Play It Safe And Get Help When Moving

Removals company Big Yellow Vans know exactly just how much time, effort and stress goes into packing and moving house. They also understand how it affects people both emotionally and financially and guarantee a quality driven, friendly London removals service without a hefty price tag. “Paying for a man and van service like ours” comments Luke Terry, the founder of the company “avoids the large fees of big brand removals companies but still gets the job done just as quickly”.

Due to the current economy, the household budget is often a sticking point and many people will understandably look for the most economical route to getting something done. While many movers will do their own packing and move smaller items such as important paper work, jewellery and other important valuables, the London removals company advises against attempting to do the rest of the moving themselves without professional assistance. Luke Terry continues, “doing your own packing is one thing but trying to move your own furniture is risky. Removal men are professionals who have been trained in safe lifting and trying to do what they do for a living between you and a friend can easily result in back injury. Even something so simple as missing your step up or down a curb can cause a fall and at worse, a head injury. It is not worth it. Professional removal men can do it quicker, safer and more efficiently”.

As Luke Terry clearly points out, investing in professional removal men ultimately saves time, injury and money as well as avoiding damage to furniture and property. Patching up a newly purchased house or facing bills for an incoming owner is really not worth the risk of doing all the moving single-handed. Employing experienced professionals means that furniture, walls and doorframes are less likely to get bumped and damaged during the removal process.

Add to this the sentimental value of the items being moved. “It is so easy to make mistakes, drop something or misgauge angles and widths. Why pay the price of possible damage or the risk of personal injury when removal men can do the moving more efficiently and cheaper”? Luke questions. “Soliciting the help of professionals is much more budget savvy”.

Courtesy of a great team and well-practiced organisational skills, The Big Yellow Van Company provides a quick, easy and hassle free operation who understand the need to keep costs low.

Also offering insurance coverage up to £20,000, the cheap London removals firm provides great peace of mind to all customers. Luke adds, “Our clientele can rest assured that our removals team is trained to the highest standard and their well-loved household goods will be very well taken care of”.

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