Playing an instrument can keep your brain in check

Everybody knows the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and working out but giving your brain exercise is just as important too. Research shows that playing an instrument can keep your brain in check, improving executive function and memory, even if musical talent isn’t discovered until later in life. The London Piano Institute is calling on people to sample a lesson and see the benefits and enjoyment they can gain for themselves.

As well as encouraging the elderly to remain active, medical experts have urged pensioners to take part in mental exercises to keep their brain active too. Research has noted that playing an instrument engages many different areas of the brain at once providing an effective workout. Taking up an instrument can improve a whole range of skills, including attention to detail, planning and concentration, and boost the ability to create, store and retrieve memories.   

Stefan Joubert, Manager of The London Piano Institute, said, “Our mental health is just as important as our physical health and playing an instrument can give your brain the equivalent of a full workout while still bringing pleasure. Some adults are put off learning a new skill later in life but they shouldn’t let their age put them off. Becoming a master musician and playing around the globe is not unheard of for adult learners, and even if you don’t achieve this particular dream you can still become an accomplished player, meet new friends and find a hobby that you truly love.”

The London Piano Institute is an organisation that is dedicated to teaching adults how to play the piano. Through enthusiastic and skilled instructors, students, whether they are new to the piano or advanced musicians looking to develop their skills, can lean the correct technique and progress quickly. The courses the institute offers have been designed with adults learning in mind and this is reflected in the way both group lessons and one-on-one tuition is taught by motivated and qualified experts.

As music enthusiasts progress they may even have an opportunity to play in one of The London Piano Institute’s concerts throughout the year and perhaps fulfil a lifelong drop of showcasing their talent.

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The London Piano Institute was founded in 2011 to provide piano tuition for passionate and enthusiastic adults, from complete beginners to advanced pianists. Founder Celine Gaurier-Joubert has almost 20 years of experience in coaching amateur pianists to become outstanding.