PLUS IDOL Shows Off Exceptional Caricatures in Hilarious ‘Pure Imagination’ Campaign Video

The exceptional artists at Plus Idol are showing off their skills in a fantastic new Christmas campaign video based on the classic song Pure Imagination, from the original Willy Wonka movie.

The three-and-a-half-minute ad, which features caricatures of stars like Benedict Cumberbatch, Lewis Hamilton, stars of Gogglebox, Alan Carr, David Beckham and many more, aims to get people in the mood for Christmas – and also remind them that Plus Idol’s #WhosYourIdol offer is a fantastic gift for your loved ones this festive season.

Plus Idol specializes in drawing caricatures of its customers alongside famous celebrities. The #WhosYourIdol offer, which costs just £10, allows customers to have themselves drawn as a caricature next to their own idol – they could be bending a ball with Beckham, taking a walk on the wild side with Walter White or getting chummy with Ant and Dec! The #WhosYourIdol offer is the ideal personalized Christmas gift for a friends and family – and it sure won’t break the bank.

Robert Lee Hensby, Head Artist at Plus Idol, says, “We’re thrilled to be showcasing the work of our most talented artists with our brand new Christmas campaign ad! We chose the song 'Pure Imagination' because it sure takes a lot of imagination and creativity to create a good caricature, and because it’s a classic that everyone loves. Our team have animated a multitude of caricatures over the top of the track, showing everyone from the Strictly judges to the various different James Bond actors, all miming away to the classic track!”

Robert adds, “The entire ad is intended to promote our #WhosYourIdol offer, which allows customers to get an amazing personalized caricature of someone they know drawn alongside a celebrity, for the ideal Christmas present! It’s a work of art, fun and extremely memorable – what more could you ask for in a gift?”

To order your #WhosYourIdol caricatures, users need to submit a clear photo of their intended subject, as well as letting the Plus Idol team know 'Who's Their Idol?’ that will be featured in the image. The artists then get to work, line-drawing the caricatures by hand before scanning them into the computer and digitally enhancing them, adding colour and other finishing touches. Backgrounds and wording are then added, and the final product is emailed to happy customers all over the world.

To view the innovative Pure Imagination video:

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