Pop Up Business School Co-Founder Crowned Entrepreneur of the Year

A go getting entrepreneur is transforming the way the UK does business with a metamorphic enterprise support organisation that’s just won him the title of Entrepreneur of the Year. As one of the most coveted honours dished out at the Aspire Business Awards, Alan Donegan was thrilled to accept the accolade on behalf of his self-built organisation, Pop Up Business School. With a focus on entrepreneurship, enterprise and business startup skills, the organisation actively helps people to change their lives for the better.

Co-founded with fellow business buff Simon Paine, Pop Up Business School is underpinned by a vision of helping everyday Brits turn entrepreneurial dreams into money spinning realties. Frustrated by the lack of opportunities for aspiring industrialists with limited prospects, the pair decided to take an utterly ‘out the box’ approach to kicking off SMEs. Forget suits, ties and briefcases. Pop Up Business School is all about offering BIG opportunities to every member of society, from ex-offenders, lone parents, the generational unemployed, NEETS and more other disadvantaged members of the community. 

Put simply, Pop Up Business School is the polar opposite of tried and tested approaches to enterprise support. Rather than preach the importance of business plans, company structures and loan funding, Donegan and Paine turn this model on its head to achieve far greater results. Using a combination of the latest online business models complemented by guerrilla marketing campaigns and bespoke mentoring/support, Pop Up Business School is fast, smart and seriously hard hitting.

Over the past four years Donegan and Paine have worked tirelessly to transform Pop Up Business School from an ambitious idea into a nationwide enterprise that’s helped thousands of Brits kick-start their commercial dreams. With zero reliance on grant funding, all operations are supported through the business’s own sales. This year saw the business take on its first additional full time employee, with operations based at the Basingstoke HQ. Looking ahead to 2016 Pop Up Business School has already secured a plethora of business. Bookings are growing faster than ever, with the team set to make a series of appearances across the UK. 

“We realised that in order to inspire, support and accelerate entrepreneurship we needed to take a completely different approach. With nothing more than a strong coffee and an ambitious idea in front of us, we set to work getting Pop Up Business School off the ground. Four years later and we can’t quite believe how far we’ve come. I’m honoured to have been recognised as Entrepreneur of the Year by such a prestigious organisation and fully intend to live up to the privilege by elevating Pop Up Business School to the next level in 2016,” says Donegan.

With workshops such as ‘How to Build a Business in 120 Minutes,’ ‘How to start a business with no money,’ ‘I don't get Twitter - 12 ways to make money online,’ ‘How to make a website for free’ and ‘Never go back - 10 ways to leave the Job Centre behind you forever,’ Pop Up Business School targets a new breed of entrepreneur.

The success stories speak for themselves, with a recent workshop seeing over 50% of attendees set up a business within two weeks. In the three months following the latest Yarlington programme the average participant made £4160 in income.

In a bid to take their transformative approach from Land’s End to John o’ Groats, Pop Up Business School has launched a national campaign to change the way enterprise education and entrepreneurship is taught. 

Donegan adds, “We’ve taken big risks by tackling established methods and putting our business at the cutting edge of education and enterprise. Needless to say, it’s well and truly paid off!”

To find out more about Pop Up Business School, go to: http://www.popupbusinessschool.co.uk

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Founded in 2012 by Alan Donegan and Simon Paine, Pop Up Business School is a transformative enterprise support organisation that’s changing the way the UK does business. The organisation was launched to fill the opportunities gap that sees disadvantaged members of the community excluded from entrepreneurship opportunities. By providing high quality inspiration, support, interventions and acceleration for everyone, Pop Up Business School actively builds sustainable communities by enabling people to create wealth.