Presidential Race Turns To Flyers As Promotional Method

The race to take a seat in the White House for the next four years is well and truly on, with less than a week until Barack Obama and Mitt Romney go head to head, competing for the title of one of the most powerful men on the planet. The tireless campaigns by both men has resulted in some of the closest polling figures for years, but Obama might just pull ahead as a result of his recent effort boost his popularity through the form of printed flyers and leaflets.

After dominating the third and final presidential debate, Obama capitalised on his momentum by producing a 20-page printed leaflet, to be handed out in swing states, which set out his second-term agenda in detail. 3.5 million copies have been distributed in areas where voters are undecided, and using his policies on economic recovery, domestic-based energy, education, tax, healthcare and pensions, Obama is pulling out all the stops to ensure that he gets the majority votes in these crucial areas.

The current president is also reaching out to the Indian-American community in the form of printed flyers. Written entirely in Hindi, masses of leaflets are being distributed both in digital format via email, and by hand in print format via large numbers of Obama supporters in areas where large numbers of Indian-Americans reside. They state arguments such as the fact that Obama has appointed an unprecedented number of Asian-American Cabinet members, as well as doubling the number of Asian-American federal judges, it is hard to see how the current president won’t win the Indian-American vote.

The presidential campaign which takes place every four years is always considered to be a masterclass in how to promote, raise awareness, raise popularity and get important messages across, so it speaks volumes that in such sophisticated technological times, those campaigning on behalf of Obama are still turning to the tried-and-tested printed flyer. Thousands of businesses still utilise flyers from online printing services, which help to build interest in important events or products; they are a marketing method that continues to stand the test of time.

With budgets running low as he reaches the end of the campaign trail, Obama’s team are also showing their finance-savvy credentials by eschewing the expensive marketing devices in a time of austerity. Flyers and leaflets have always been a cost-effective method to spread the word regarding new products, services or events, and by utilising them in his campaign trail, Obama is showing his commitment to solving the economic uncertainty faced by America, and the entire world.

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