PrintDesigns offers great value marketing solutions to small businesses to ease financial uncertainty of Brexit result

A survey conducted by The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), prior to the nation voting in the EU Referendum, found that businesses confidence had fallen to its lowest point in four years amongst SME’s in the UK. With the Brexit result only furthering visions on an unsteady financial future, leading British printing company PrintDesigns is calling out to small businesses in the UK, offering a range of high quality printed marketing materials at low prices to help businesses gain great promotion at an affordable, steady price.

In the run up to the vote which divided the nation, uncertainty about the results of either outcome coupled with growing costs and bigger losses accumulated a growing lack of businesses confidence amongst small businesses. The survey, carried out in April and May of this year showed that nearly 60 per cent of small businesses noted that the troublesome UK economy was a roadblock to any aspirations of growth. Although no immediate downturn to the UK economy has happened as a result of the Brexit vote, the future remains unknown for British based small businesses.

The survey also revealed that the number of firms planning new capital investment over the next 12 months has dropped to its lowest level since the third quarter of 2012. Offering low cost solutions for a range of marketing needs, PrintDesigns are a safe bet for businesses looking to achieve high return with low investment when planning their next spend on printed promotional products.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of PrintDesigns said, “The implications of the EU Referendum, whichever result was decided, were unclear in the run up to the vote, and now the decision has been made, we are still waiting to see the full effect it will have on businesses in the UK. In this time of uncertainty it is understandable that many organisations across the nation are becoming wary of their spending and outgoings. Businesses cannot cease to operate altogether however, and many of these companies will still need to pay out for vital products, such as the range of marketing materials that we offer. With a range of bundle deals and other low cost but high quality products available, we hope to help all SME’s during this turbulent time.”

Offering a huge selection of printed products, including high quality exhibition stands, portable pop up stands and roller banners, as well as a range of outdoor display products, retail display stands, large and small format printing and more, PrintDesigns are a one-stop solution for a multitude of marketing needs.

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