Professor Ursula James Reveals How to Defy Aging in New MP3

A professional hypnotherapy practitioner is helping baby boomers unlock the secrets of youth with an enlightening MP3 track available to download from iTunes. Brimming with tried and tested tips on how to attain a natural youthful glow, ‘Younger with Hypnosis’ is a must download EP for any tech savvy senior wanting to maintain both a young heart and a youthful facade.  

Far too often both women and men feel pressured to resort to drastic measures such as surgery, injections and expensive face preparations in a bid to reverse the sands of time. The latest research from Transparency Market Research reveals the extent of the trend, with the ‘Anti-aging Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 – 2019’ estimating that by 2019 the global anti-aging market will be worth a colossal US$191.7 billion. This CAGR growth rate of 7.8% between 2013 and 2019 is largely fuelled by a retiring baby boomer population inclined to invest an increasing amount of time and money in their appearances. Rather than spend retirement funds on the latest anti-aging fads, James is calling on baby boomers to leverage the power of hypnotherapy.

“The mind is an extremely powerful tool, and not just from a cognitive perspective. It can also be used as an effective weapon against fighting the physical signs of aging. In just 20 minutes ‘Younger with Hypnosis’ offers listeners exclusive insight into the mental techniques that actively instil youth,” says James.

Ursula James is advocating for an ‘au natural’ approach with her philosophy that the secret to looking young lies exclusively in the attitude. Every day the body bases its appearance on how the mind feels. This means that emotions are directly reflected in the skin, muscles and other elements of the physique. James maintains that when individuals feel old, stressed and tired this mentality directly translates to their physical appearance. With this philosophy in mind, ‘Younger with Hypnosis’ trains listeners in the art of mastering a ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ technique. Using a cognitive toolbox of hypnotherapy techniques James actively coaches listeners in using the power of positive thinking to facilitate a youthful appearance.

Time and time again scientists have proven that smiling and laughing fights the signs of aging. James hails the joy filled process as ‘active facial gymnastics’ that is extremely effective in reducing wrinkles, lines and other signs of aging. Smiling is also a tremendously powerful cognitive tool, with every beam creating a wonderfully uplifting biofeedback loop in the brain which instructs the body to optimise itself. Throughout the MP3 James taps into the inner consciousness of listeners in a bid to instil them with inherent habits to smile more, walk taller and actively engage with the world around them.

“Your mood and attitude are all reflected in the muscles of your face, and in your posture. Change your mental state and your physical state reflects this. This mp3 instils the best of you - naturally - on a daily basis” explains James.

Already the track has received glowing five star reviews from iTunes customers who have experienced the power of anti-aging hypnotherapy first hand.

“I felt really relaxed but it was only when my sister asked if I had had Botox that I realised it was working! Still listening and loving it!” writes iTunes customer La Luna Bear.

The 20 minutes long MP3 track is available to download from the Ursula James website for or from the iTunes store:

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‘Younger with Hypnosis’ is the latest MP3 track from professional hypnotherapy practitioner Professor Ursula James. As an author, therapist and lecturer James has an in-depth understanding of how to embrace her ‘inner coach’ and utilise cognitive powers to help others achieve a myriad of personal and professional goals. The only Professor of Clinical Hypnosis in the UK, she is also a Visiting Teaching Fellow of Oxford University Medical School.

As well as teaching hypnosis at medical schools she is also a patron of Anxiety UK and the National Centre for Domestic Violence. She is a Foundation Member of the Academy of Medical Educators and active member of the Women of the Future Network.