Property experts highlight options for EU property owners in negative equity

Europe’s property market remains extremely uncertain, with the impending EU Referendum not making it any more stable. Those who purchased property abroad a few years ago are now finding themselves in the unprecedented situation of being in negative equity. EU Property Solutions has extended a lifeline to homeowners struggling to see a way forward with expert advice on the range of options available to those in negative equity overseas. 

Although some routes are more viable than others, homeowners do have a number of options if they find themselves struggling to afford to live abroad. James Bell, Director of EU Property Solutions, said, “If homeowners find themselves in this unfortunate situation, there are a number of options available to them. However they must make sure they think through the long-term effects of their decisions thoroughly before jumping in feet first.”

According to EU Property Solutions, homeowners have four choices when it comes to overcoming the challenges brought about by the decline in property prices. It urges caution as what may seem like a light at the end of the tunnel can also  carry huge risks or significant cost implications, making the decision making process even more difficult.

Just like in Britain, homeowners can simply stop paying their mortgage. Although this would mean that they wouldn’t be shelling out money every month, the lender would quickly repossess the property, then pursue legal action to recover the debts owed.

Bell adds, “This is the most drastic option for homeowners, and is categorically not recommended where it can be avoided. By racking up huge debts, homeowners could find themselves bankrupt.”

Those lucky enough to have savings can toy with the idea of simply selling up and paying off the negative equity with other funds. Although a solution for some, many don’t have the available money to make this a feasible option in the short term. For those who still have a home in England, the option of renting the property out until the market value increases is becoming a progressively popular choice. However this isn’t without its headaches. Income is not always guaranteed unless it’s a long-term let, and with the long-term implications of recession and austerity, owners may struggle to see the market value increase any time soon.

Unfortunately, many are finding themselves in a position where their once dream home has become more of a nightmare. Europe’s struggling economy has been well documented, affecting popular countries such as Spain and Greece, leaving many expats struggling to know what to do for the best.

Contacting EU Property Solutions is the first step to making the right decision for overseas property owners. Providing expert help and assistance, the firm draws on many years of experience working within the property market and knows exactly how best to tackle negative equity with up-to-date local knowledge. The team works exclusively with British homeowners to sell their overseas homes, enabling them to get on with their lives.

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