PropTerest, the “Pinterest of Property” Is The Next Big Thing For Real Estate Industry

As new statistics reveal that 90% of home buyers begin their search online, innovative new Australian site PropTerest is fast becoming known as the “Pinterest of Property.” Set to change the way that people buy and sell properties, users are able to scour the expansive online housing market to share, collect, organise and pin pictures of their ideal properties.

As exciting new stats reveal that would be homeowners are browsing for properties online and making purchases through their smart phones, the inventive idea utilises the convenience and accessibility of the digital domain, transferring it to the real estate world. In Australia 350,000 users abound on social networking site Pinterest, with homes being one of the site’s most popular categories. 17.2% of all Pinterest pins are categorised as ‘home’ emphasising the visual appeal for house hunters scouting out dream properties.

An intriguing fusion of online estate agency and social networking site, the pioneering platform enables users searching for their perfect home to connect with estate agents and vendors local to their area. The site serves as an umbrella that allows users to view all desired properties in their state. Users can easily find thousands of home using the search function. They can also view and follow the property pins of others for inspirational ideas for future homes, interior design or renovation. Over 80% of Pinterest users re-pin existing uploads indicating that most social media users are actively seeking ideas and inspirations from a wide net.

A spokesperson for PropTerest said, “Social media has really revolutionised the way that we live our lives and this is a useful way to connect Australia’s property market. Australia is a huge country and the distances between cities and towns can make the property search problematic. Unifying all properties under one easily accessible hub is a great way to keep everyone connected and aware of what’s out there. If you’re from Sydney and want to move to Melbourne, this is an easier way to scope out potential new properties and take a look at room shots and floor plans to give you a great overview of homes. Australia has needed a platform like this for a long time and it shows because an eclectic mix of students, architects, agents and renovators have been drawn to the site.”

Users are able to plan future purchases, gain inspiration, identify buyers and sellers in their desired area and check the market value of properties with all of the fun and engagement of social media tools. By pinning and tagging properties, other users can follow the selections of others creating a connected community atmosphere.

The PropTerest spokesperson added, “There are 380,000 Pinterest users in Australia alone and that number is growing. Propterest is set to follow a similar trend as people gravitate to the site as a fun, friendly and exciting alternative to traditional property shopping. It’s also interesting to see how popular property and home pins are on Pinterest. It’s an area that a lot of people are interested in. Naturally those users that enjoy pinning properties on Pinterest will gravitate to PropTerest to turn their ideas into reality.”

To find out more about PropTerest and to start browsing the comprehensive range of Australian properties, visit the website at:

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About PropTerest: Launched in 2014, PropTerest is an exciting new social media inspired website taking the real estate industry by storm. Referred to as the ‘Pinterest of property,’ the site allows users to collect, organise and share properties that catch their attention. With the ability to sort listings according to a rage of different categories, as well as ‘pin’ and ‘tag’ properties when desired, PropTerest makes the house hunt fun, interactive and productive.