Provocative New York-Based Drama Slated For Release This Fall – Invites TV Buffs To be a Part of Launch

A red hot new TV drama with an ultra talented cast and crew plucked from the boards of Broadway, glitz of the West Coast and glamour of Italy is set to launch this Fall. Catch 30 is a raunchy, sassy portrayal of life and love in the big city and delves into the lives of seven NYC friends reaching a pivotal turning point in their lives: the big 3-0. The show is set to make stars of its young and up-and-coming cast and team of talented writers, producers and directors. According to its tagline ‘There are no easy choices’. With storylines full of sex, polyamory, soul searching and betrayal, viewers have one easy choice: to watch this show.

The show’s creator and executive producer Tanya Rojas says, “Catch-30 is a show about seven New York City friends at a turning point in their lives. Like most people, they have spent their 20s looking for all the answers; the perfect partner, career and lifestyle. All the while pushing the boundaries of their dreams, fantasies, and sexuality. Now as they approach 30, they are beginning to question the choices they've made up to this point and in turn also begin to challenge the societal norms they have grown up believing in. Does turning 30 really mean it's time to settle down? Do we have to choose one partner to spend the rest of our lives with? Have they explored all of their options? There really are no easy choices.”

California native Tanya Rojas moved to New York for school and learned her craft at the Daniel Paul studio and the Maria Riboli Acting Studio. She enlisted Maria Riboli as a director for the project, as well as her co-producer and co-star, Rachel Barrier. Tanya has taken a very hands-on approach to this project, as she not only writes and executive produces Catch-30, she is also one of its stars.

She plays one of the show’s female protagonists, Hayley, who ends up embroiled in a complicated love triangle with two of her friends when they agree to an open relationship. When more members of the group of friends decide that polyamory might be the way to add some spark into their love lives, they all begin jumping into bed with each other, and for some it ends in tears.  It’s these raunchy storylines that are sure to make the show a hit, especially with fans of shows like ‘Sex and the City.’

Tanya has been acting alongside a stellar cast of fellow up-and-comers who between them have already amassed an impressive range of experience in independent movies, Broadway theatre productions and television. Their roles in this exciting and provocative new television series are sure to raise their profiles even further.

The cast are in the capable hands of director Adam Padagon, who has worked on many high profile projects including Nick Jr’s Lazy Town, the current tour of Beauty and the Beast and even Eminem’s music video for the hit ‘Ass Like That.’ He is joined by Maria Riboli who as well as running the aforementioned acting studio, has also worked as an award winning director in her native Italy and has directed many projects for TV and theatre since moving to the States.

Now it its final stages of production, the crew are hoping to get the show released this fall, however in order to do so they are calling upon the public to act as benefactors by launching a crowdfunding campaign. In return for their support, backers will be rewarded with perks such as their names in the credits, chances to meet the cast and crew and a host of other exciting opportunities which give TV fans a once in a lifetime chance to contribute to one of  their favorite shows.  

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Catch-30 has been produced by Dream Team Productions in association with Time Squared Arts. It was written by Tanya Rojas, Rachel Barrer and Kimberly Phelps, and directed by Adam Padagon and Maria Riboli. It is due for release in Fall 2013.