RadGadget Labs Makes Listening Experience Easier with new YouTube Tutorial

The minds behind the innovative Tykhe Bluetooth headphones have launched a video that illustrates the product’s features and functions. The YouTube clip which has over 10,000 views, allows users to jump right in and start using the headphones without the hassle of reading the instruction booklet.

Using the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology users no longer need to worry about getting in a tangle. As they don’t have any cables, wearers can participate in any number of activities safe in the knowledge they won’t have the headphones yanked from their ears or risk them catching on something and falling out.

Richard Brant, founder of RadGadget Labs commented, “The release of our video means that it is easier than ever for technophiles to jump in and experience the crystal clear sound of the Tyke wireless Bluetooth headphones.

“We are excited that our customers are embracing the video which is available on our YouTube channel. We believe that instruction books help but, they take forever to read. Our online clip is less than seven minutes long so customers can be up and ready to use the headphones within minutes of receiving them.”

Featuring two pairs of different sized soft inner ear hooks and three sets of earbuds varying in size, the Tykhe headphones are the perfect fit for all.

Compatible with all Bluetooth technology including smartphones and tablets, the battery lasts for five hours and with a super-fast sixty minute recharge time, users can go about their business again in an hour or less.

Featuring a conveniently placed function button, the headphones give users the controls to answer, reject or forward calls. When listening to music the buttons also allows users to change volume, fast-forward, and rewind or pause whatever they are listening to.

Brent added, “Thanks to the headphones’ impressive sound quality and deep bass, the Tykhe headphones make for a great listening experience.”

To find out more about RadGadget Labs’ new range of Bluetooth headphones visit: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00V9IRJJ2   


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