rais Pioneers Scientific Approach to Customer Conversion

Logic and precision are in the spotlight this spring, with customer conversion and communications tool, rais bringing a scientific approach to intelligence and relationship management. Buttressed by years of retail data analysis experience, the Data Science Consultancy service offers clients invaluable answers to a host of customer-centric questions.

The entire process is executed following a simple yet high impact five step plan. Initially, the team creates a technical brief answering key questions and suggesting actionable outputs. Once signed off, rais uses its platform to integrate and prepare data for analysis. Data scientists then mine for insight, and create metadata for test campaigns. Findings are then documented, with results used to develop bespoke recommended actions. Finally, rais may provide follow up measurement of test campaigns and additional recommendations, depending on the outcome of findings. 

For businesses, the Data Science Consultancy service represents an opportunity to back every decision with authoritative customer insight. Decision makers will enjoy the buoyancy to act with greater confidence, with all actions tailored towards achieving unique customer retention and acquisition goals. More than simply numbers and charts, the rais Data Science Consultancy answers key questions, and backs them with actionable recommendations.

Will Young, CEO of rais said, “Fast, comprehensive and affordable, our Data Science Consultancy service answers the unique questions a business poses, quickly, then follows up with strategic recommendations based on the findings.” 

Available by the hour, the Data Science Consultancy service can be scaled to suit the needs and budget of any business. Rather than hire a dedicated analyst, businesses can commission in-house rais expertise, on demand.

“Harnessing business data isn’t easy, and hiring a dedicated analyst can be cost-prohibitive to say the least. With the rais Data Science Consultancy service, businesses can unlock access to their unique customer data, as the need ascends. The flexible, ‘by-the-hour’ service is designed to meet the needs of contemporary businesses, and ensure that they’re able to thrive in the dynamic and ever changing landscape of customer conversion.” adds Young.

To date, rais has used its Data Science Consultancy service to deliver a range of projects. Success stories include cohort analysis to optimise acquisition strategy, predictive modelling to maximise the ROI of future marketing drives, campaign performance analysis to gain in-depth insight into the effectiveness of marketing efforts, custom segmentation/profiling to better understand core customer demographics and more.

To find out more about the rais Data Science Consultancy service, explore the full range of features and book a demo, visit www.rais.io


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About rais

rais (pronounced raise, and an acronym for retain, acquire, interpret, sell) is an online subscribed data driven customer analysis, segmentation and communications tool used to deliver efficient personalised marketing solutions for businesses that lack the time and specialist resource to do so themselves.