RecyclingBins Reveals Europe’s Greenest Cities

Europe is developing a rapidly growing eco-friendly conscience, and Cotswolds- based waste management business RecyclingBins is at the forefront of the movement. To celebrate the continent’s environmental progress the company has released a colourful infographic revealing Europe’s top 10 most sustainable cities.

Coming in at 10thplace is the underrated yet environmentally friendly city of Nijmegen. This riverside Dutch settlement may be small but it’s committed to promoting sustainable practices and initiatives such as fuelling city busses with biogas.

In 9thplace is Brussels, a city that’s set itself some seriously sustainable goals. By 2018 it hopes to reduce its car traffic by 18% from 2001’s levels, by 2020 it hopes to hit a recycling target of 50% and by 2025 it plans to reduce emissions by 40% per capita.

Olso was named Europe’s 8thgreenest metropolis, with its environmental efforts equally as stunning as its natural scenery.

In 7thplace was Ljubljana, the chic Slovenian capital. As well as being one of Europe’s most up and coming tourist destinations the city boasts 190km of cycle paths, a pedestrian only centre and green areas covering 75% of its footprint.

Bristol is the UK’s first and only contender, hailed as Britain’s most energy and carbon efficient city. Its £500 million pledge towards transport improvement won it 6thplace in the RecyclingBins countdown. 

The French city of Nantes stole 5thplace, described by RecyclingBins as a “shining light of sustainability.” Its ambitious air pollution and CO2 emission reduction targets put it on the radar, as did its 100,000 trees scattered across the city.

In Basque Country Vitoria-Gasteiz was awarded 4thplace for its 210 organic farming plots, 130,000 trees and abundance of green spaces. It’s quite literally one of the greenest cities in Europe.

Following in the footsteps of its 2011 European Green Capital Award, Hamburg was once again named one of the most eco-friendly cities on the continent.  Thanks to its 200,000 low energy lamps and the fact that 99% of residents have access to public transport within 300 metres of their homes, it well and truly deserves 3rdplace. 

Given the fact that almost every aspect of day to day life in Stockholm is underpinned by a sustainable conscience, it comes as no surprise that the city was awarded 2ndplace.

Taking the crown for Europe’s greenest metropolis is Denmark’s capital city of Stockholm. Not only is it laden with beautiful architecture and attractions but it’s also a trailblazer when it comes to pioneering eco-friendly initiatives. 55% of residents walk or cycle to work, 30-40% of heavy public transport vehicles use renewable fuels and a huge 90% of all waste is reused. 

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