Richmond Childcare Offers Best of Both Worlds for Parents

A top London childcare provider is combining the best elements of childminding and traditional nurseries to create an alternative option for parents seeking high-quality childcare for their little ones.

Richmond Childcare is a micro-nursery in a domestic setting, with one carer to every two children and all the resources and equipment you might find in a traditional nursery. This exciting hybrid offers the best of both worlds for parents and children alike, helping to ease the pressure on working parents while still ensuring that their little ones receive the appropriate support and attention.

The approach at Richmond Childcare is far more personalised than a traditional nursery, without the larger class numbers often associated with these conventional childcare offerings. All children up to twelve months have their very own carer, while all children between twelve months and three years will share their carer with just one other child. This guarantees superior levels of care and attention for little ones, and offers great peace of mind for concerned parents.

The micro-nursery is run in a home-based setting to ensure that children can settle in easily – yet it boasts all of the equipment, toys, games and resources that a quality nursery might have. Children can play and learn while their parents are at work, as well as having daily opportunities to venture into the world, visiting local parks and playgroups to stimulate development even further.

Julie Adams, Managing Director of Richmond Childcare, says, “We’re very proud of our unique micro-nursery offering, which combines the very best elements of childminding and conventional nurseries. Children get to experience a social environment while still receiving a high standard of one-on-one care, which is great for parents and even better for their little ones.”

Adams adds, “We know that many parents have concerns about returning to work while they have young children, so we strive to ensure we offer an environment that is comfortable, stimulating, educational and safe for little ones to grow and develop.”

Richmond Childcare is compliant with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) – the statutory framework which sets the standards that all Early Years providers must meet. The micro-nursery is also registered by OFSTED, which means they undergo regular inspections – something many ordinary childminding services are not obliged to do.

The nursery is also fully equipped with toys, games, activities and equipment to keep children engaged and entertained at all times. All activities within the nursery are designed to encourage participatory play and further development, whether it’s helping stimulate creativity with a dress-up box or hone strategic thinking with a construction set. Children are also encouraged to spend time with other little ones outside of their age group – younger children can develop much faster in proximity to older children, while the older age group can develop ideas of nurturing and responsibility when spending time with small babies or younger toddlers.

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Richmond Childcare is a domestic childcare service which means provides care in a home setting. The world can sometimes seem quite rushed and childcare provision a little institutional so their aim is to look after children in a more traditional setting, with highly qualified staff and an in-house chef to prepare fresh meals for children every day.