Rise of Home Cooking is Great News for Food Fans in Dubai

All over the world food lovers are seeking out lavish, first class restaurants that serve hearty home cooking in luxurious surroundings.  People eating out crave simple yet delicious comfort foods in a variety of international cuisines; foodies in Dubai should look no further than Mamma Mia where professional chefs serve traditional dishes in one of the best restaurants located on Dubai Marina.

For families who are seeking simple and authentic dishes when they dine out, Mamma Mia provides a wealth of choice to suit all tastes.  “We blend two cuisines in the heart of Dubai,” explains Nadia M’hamdi, Mamma Mia’s General Manager.  “More and more people are now looking to emulate a family atmosphere, with delicious home-style cooking in a restaurant setting.  Mamma Mia can cater to everybody’s needs, and is a relaxing place where families can enjoy a filling meal and indulge in our infamous Middle Eastern and Italian menu.”

The plethora of flavours and textures on offer at the premier restaurant leaves many diners simply spoilt for choice.  The freshest ingredients are used in their Italian and Arabian food, including fresh seafood, juicy tomatoes and succulent meats.  On entering Mamma Mia guests will be hit with the earthy spice aromas and the smell of melted mozzarella and mouth-watering garlic to make any taste buds tingle.

Best known for their simple, authentic pizzas, the highly skilled chefs at Mamma Mia liven up the menu with over 20 pizzas using creative toppings such as salmon, tandoori chicken and fresh red and green chillies.  The delicious pizzas are available in three different sizes straight from the stone baked pizza oven; perfect for sharing with friends and family or indulging in all to yourself.

If you are treating yourself or your family to their Arabic menu, be in no doubt that the chefs at Mamma Mia use traditional cooking methods infused with contemporary techniques for a sensational explosion of flavours.  Incorporating luscious meat cooked on a charcoal grill and freshly baked warm pita bread, the Arabic mixed grilled platters and skewers are a must-try for new diners.  

Aside from the tantalising menu, Mamma Mia is also conveniently located in a prime location overlooking the stunning Marina.  The comfortable surroundings of the shaded terrace and deluxe interior make it a top choice for couples and groups eating out in the city.  The family friendly restaurant is a perfect option for a relaxing, enjoyable meal in Dubai.    

To find out more or to book a table at Mamma Mia Dubai, visit their website: http://mammamiadubai.com/catering/

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About Mamma Mia: As one of the only providers of Arabic and Italian cuisine on Dubai Marina, Mamma Mia is one of the most popular and inviting restaurants in the area. The family-friendly ambience and the delicious gourmet food keep diners coming back again and again, whether it is for a casual meal or a special event.  




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