RMR Recruitment Experiences Recruitment Boom Following Doctor Emigration

The UKs leading locum recruitment provider has proven itself to be vital to the ongoing operations of British hospitals as record numbers of English doctors emigrate across the pond, leaving important staffing gaps to be filled. With more and more healthcare professionals leaving the UK for destinations such as Australia and New Zealand, RMR Recruitment has responded to the greater demand to provide high quality candidates for understaffed hospitals.

In 2015, the General Medical Council received an average of 20-25 requests for a certificate of current professional status (CCPS) per day. This certificate is required to apply for medical positons overseas. This number soared to 1,644 requests over just three days last year, hours after the Department of Health first announced the proposed contract for Britain’s Junior Doctors. A year on, as the proposed contract has been imposed, these figures are likely to remain high.

It has been suggested that as part of the strike action from junior doctors protesting against the new contract, reactionary applications for CCPS were mad. Due to this action, the exact figures of those planning a move abroad this year are still unknown, leaving the healthcare system in state of flux. However, as RMR Recruitment knows, the fact remains that there are increasingly more staffing gaps to be filled at the NHS, and demand for the recruitment of locum doctors is rising. With its expert portfolio of high quality medical professionals, RMR Recruitment is succeeding in the challenge of ensuring optimum staff levels are achieved.

RMR Recruitment Operations Director, Nicholas Cavanagh said, “The medical industry is no doubt experiencing some turbulent times and, as always, RMR Recruitment offers continued support to the NHS throughout it all. As top level staff leave the NHS, using a locum agency is the perfect solution to quickly fill the necessary positions with the right people for the job. By implementing our transparent and honest values, we are able to provide highly trained expert doctors all over the country, ensuring health care patients can continue to receive the expert care they require.”

“As well as doctors, we also give have a skilled pool of medical professionals from every speciality, including surgeons, GPs and nurses. No matter what hits the NHS next, we will always be there to ensure that healthcare services can remain fully operational for the British public.”

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