Roaring Success of DominateCon Signals Appetite for Automation and Outsourcing Across All Industries

The curtain has now fallen on this year’s DominateCon, the UK’s premier event in automation and outsourcing for small businesses – and the massive success of the event has shown there is a huge appetite among the UK’s small business community for solutions that will help them to grow and dominate their respective markets.

This year’s event brought in attendees from a diverse array of industries – entrepreneurs with multiple businesses and groups in dentistry, travel, accountancy, plastic surgery, construction, engineering, financial advising, sports and more, all of whom wanted to find out how they could take their business to the next level, scale faster and enjoy much more freedom in their personal life. Delegates from all over the country showed up for the one-day event, with many of them taking home valuable resources and information that could see them becoming market leaders in the near future.

“DominateCon was a brilliant and worthwhile day,” said one attendee, who added, “I’ve never walked into an event and been made to feel so welcomed by a team – it blew me away!” One delegate noted that they were ‘still buzzing’ about the event when they arrived home past midnight, while another said the conference had left them feeling ‘pumped up’ for their next growth strategy.

The event included guest spots and speeches from Lucie Marchelot Shukla and Aalok Y Shukla, hosts of the conference and co-founders of Click Convert Sell Ltd and Elite Virtual Team, as well as Georgia Kirke and Paulette Sopoci from the renowned coaching program Strategic Coach, Brian Keith and Rob Warner. Despite their different areas of expertise, it was clear that the main topics which linked the speakers was the need for business owners to protect their time, surround themselves with like-minded people, delegate by building a support team and ultimately make the most of new technologies to automate and outsource.

Lucie Marchelot Shukla, co-host of the event, says, “We’re absolutely thrilled that DominateCon has been such a success this year. We feel we’ve achieved our goal of helping to open business owners’ eyes when it comes to using automation and outsourcing to help them scale their business and free them from the daily grind. There’s no conference quite like this in the UK, and we’re already looking forward to next year’s event!”

Lucie adds, “We’d like to thank everyone who attended this year’s DominateCon, as well as our fantastic partners: Elite Business Magazine, Plus This, Weekdone, The City Man, Lawbite, and our supplying partners, Zeo, We Are Tea and Bounce Energy Balls for ensuring our guests had the energy to soak up all the ideas our amazing speakers were conveying!”

Information about next year’s event will soon become available on the DominateCon website, where interested parties can immediately register for updates. For the latest info, or to register your interest in DominateCon 2016, head to the website:


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