SAE Oxford Students Launch Global Record Label

A group of SAE Oxford Music Business students is shaking up the British recording industry with the launch of a transformative new record label called Triunity. With a focus on offering musicians an immersive experience steeped in creativity and artistic freedom, the label represents a new era of opportunity for the nation’s up and coming talent.

As the UK’s leading industry-focussed creative media educator, SAE Oxford is a mecca for aspiring entrepreneurs. The coveted Music Business degree shapes the musical magnates of tomorrow, with the launch of Triunity vastly enriching the learning experience. The label continues to bring an all-inclusive edge to the project by offering audio students the opportunity to attend studio sessions and assist professional audio engineers throughout the production process.

“Triunity is a fantastic project that offers a surfeit of opportunities within the SAE Oxford community. Music Business students are offered a hands on chance to define and develop their skills by applying in-depth theory to a myriad of real life scenarios. Put simply, the more the students contribute the more they get out,” explains Triunity CEO Matthew Tout.

The in-house Triunity team will actively scout musicians and professional producers from a glut of creative niches. All bands signed onto the label will be developed from scratch to ensure absolute exclusivity. Once signed, artists will be encouraged to blend a variety of different musical formulas in a bid to push conventional genre boundaries and create sounds that are definitively fresh.

The label supports the emergence of new artists with a series of in-house promotional services. From the headquarters of SAE in Oxford, Triunity will tap into a global audience by connecting with alumni from the network of 54 worldwide campuses across 26 countries. A film department will create unique documentaries detailing the artistic journey while animation teams will assist in the development of brand growth via music videos, social profiling, logo animation, online advertising, video content design and more. Using its network of contacts Triunity will help artists leverage lucrative opportunities, including air time with worldwide pure hit music radio station Energy Groove. With a global presence across three continents, four countries and Emirates Airlines routes, the station offers artists serious exposure.

For artists and producers Triunity offers a rare opportunity's to work in a myriad of unique spaces, including Cornwall’s iconic Sawmill Studio. Here, they’ll quite literally be recording in the footsteps of musical legends such as XTC, Robert Plant, The Stone Roses, Oasis, The Verve, Supergrass, Muse, Radiohead and more. The use of classic analogue equipment offers a rare reversal into the peak of the ‘Golden Age’ of recording studios.

The label will be self-funded through the employment of creative profit generation strategies. These include release mediums, donation based events, original merchandise drives and cutting edge research into new emerging markets and technologies. Artists will receive a fair cut of the profits and ongoing support from the label.

The label is inaugurating its global presence with a rhythmic new collective blending elements of funk, soul, hip hop and jazz. Produced by Reuben Kramer, co-produced by Dean Forrest and fronted by bass player Alex Black, sax master Paul Haywood, trumpet king Nathen Fitzgerald, keyboard whiz Matthew Johns and drum deity William Harris, Loop Theory is a killer way to kick off Triunity. The band will record their first tracks at the legendary Sawmills Studio in Cornwall.

Triunity actively gives back to the SAE Oxford community by donating a percentage of all profits to equipment budgets, student projects and the overall university experience.

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Fronted by Music Business students studying at SAE Oxford, Triunity is a transformative new recording label that challenges creative boundaries head on. The project has sprung from the in-house course and offers students hands on opportunities to gain vital understanding and experience in running record labels. Artists are encouraged to experiment with a range of musical genres and niches to develop unique sounds. Talent is marketed on a global level, with Triunity utilising its worldwide network of campuses to offer artists widespread exposure.

Music Business professor and former owner/CEO of Drum and Bass label Touched By Records Matthew Tout is the brains behind the label, using his professional experience to help his class launch the project. Classically trained musician Selina Gale taking on the role of musical director while Jamie Cox will oversee marketing.