Safeguarding your business with Secure Shredding

Every working day members of staff will produce and have access to vast amounts of highly sensitive company information in the form of paper documents. Such information is vital to the day-to-day running of a business, but in the wrong hands it can lead to huge negative implications, risking the safety and future of business goals. Secure document shredding services from Pearl Scan can combat this problem, completely destroying all necessary documents once finished with to give business owners total peace of mind.

Paper shredding services offered by Pearl Scan can ensure that sensitive documents are handled with the strictest of confidentiality and are completely destroyed. Secure and confidential document shredding from Pearl Scan offers a fast, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution as all the shredded paper is recycled. Once the documents have been destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction confirms that confidential information is no longer at risk.

Data breaches due to leaked documents can happen to any organisation, even those with large budgets for huge security policies. For example, a government text was recently distributed to public sources, including national newspapers, regarding the highly topical discussion of Britain’s leave from the EU. In the run up to the high profile Brit Awards, stolen documents from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office warned of fear over large scale terror attacks at the event, and others across the UK. Both these cases resulted in public fear and outrage, requiring huge spends and efforts to restore faith in each organisation.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “Any business, no matter how big or small, produces documents containing confidential information which at some point needs to be disposed of. The only way to ensure that it is gone forever, is to destroy it, and there is no better way to do so than with a confidential shredding service. We pride ourselves in offering a variety of nationwide services, be it for ad-hoc one-off needs or an ongoing large volume requirement, for secure document disposal.”

Every business produces private information which could irreversibly damage their reputation and prove to be a risk to their public perception, and future success. Secure document shredding services from Pearl Scan can destroy all this information, safeguarding your business. 

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Pearl Scan Solutions (Group) was founded in 2003 to support organisations that face critical document management issues and challenges in their desire to go paperless and become more efficient. Since then, we have grown into a leading national document scanning services provider that delivers the highest quality document scanning and data capture services, enabling our clients to successfully unlock the true value of the information contained in their files, resulting in increased productivity, performance, competitive advantages and in most cases significant reductions in cost.