Salary sacrifice schemes good for mental wellbeing

Salary sacrifice schemes have grown in popularity over the last couple of years, with both employers and employees alike reaping the benefits of these modern incentives. Yet one of the most prominent benefits is that it brings to mental wellbeing.

Fleet Evolution, one of the UK’s finest providers of car salary sacrifice schemes to businesses of all sizes, has long championed the schemes, and notes that improving mental wellbeing not only positively affects the individual and their family and friends, but it can also prove to be a positive for businesses too.

Andrew Leech, Director of Fleet Evolution, said, “For employees the benefits of car salary sacrifice schemes are undeniable. Schemes provide employees with new cars, which saves money on repairs should their previous vehicle be old and in need of work, while also helping to cut down on running costs as all cars are eco-friendly, either hybrids or exceptionally low cost when it comes to running outlays. Undertaking one of these schemes for employees can help to alleviate money troubles and ensure their minds are on the job in hand.”

There’s no denying that in general, personal debt is on the rise. People in the UK owed £1.499 trillion at the end of August 2016, which highlights an increase from £1.445 trillion at the end of August 2015. To put this into perspective, this adds up to an extra £995.43 per UK adult in just 12 short months.

This extra debt is obviously a problem for many, and a recent report by the Money Advice Service has stated that one in six adults is struggling with debt worries[1].

Fleet Evolution takes both the monetary and stress away from both employees, by providing them with a new, wallet-friendly car for just one single fee which is taken out of pay checks – pre-tax – every month, and for employers by handling all the day-to-day management as standard.

Andrew, adds, “There’s a reason salary sacrifice schemes have become so popular – and car schemes offer one of the best benefits helping to cut financial pressures which can impact a person’s health and wellbeing and enable them to be more productive.”

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