Salisbury Flooring Proud To Offer Innovative New Boen Boflex Sports Floor

Salisbury Hardwood Flooring reinforces its status as the UK’s leading flooring provider with the introduction of the revolutionary new Boen Boflex Olympia sprung sports floor this week. The innovative new product uses patented technology to achieve premium performance and is the first of its kind to use a floating structure.

Assembled using a triple layered system, the Boflex Olympia consists of a real wood top layer, balancing softwood middle-layer lying at right angle to the top layer to increase stability and a bottom softwood under-layer. The 5.5mm wear top layer makes it extremely durable and gives it exceptional shock absorption abilities while the superb engineering and strategically angled middle layer give it the extreme capacity to withstand an unlimited load.

Boflex Olympia flooring performs in all the right areas, boasting shock absorption of 60%, 2.9mm deformation and 97% ball bounce. This makes it the ideal flooring solution for any sports or multipurpose centre wanting to give athletes the chance to perform at their best.

The total build height measures in at just 30mm while the floating installation system means the flooring can be installed over the top of existing floors. This makes the Boflex Olympia a highly unimposing conversion with a quick and convenient transition phase. The floating system also offers the potential for underfloor heating, an added comfort that is not a viable option when using conventional solid floors.  

A company spokesman said, “We’re delighted to be able to add the new Boen Boflex Olympia sprung sports floor to our product portfolio. In welcoming this revolutionary solution, we are able to offer even higher levels of supreme performance. The technology and engineering that goes into the Boflex Olympia is nothing short of mind blowing. It really does redefine the concept of sports flooring.” 

Boen is renowned as one of the leading sports floor producers and suppliers in the world and plays an important role in the research and development of new technologies. Boen clients can install products with peace of mind thanks to the company’s trademark guarantee which ensures the floor possesses the sufficient strength, durability and workmanship to sustain regular usage and traffic loads for a period of 25 years from the date of installation.

Choosing a Boflex Olympia sprung sports floor is a practical, economical and environmentally friendly choice, the company exclusively using materials sourced from suppliers who belong to one or more forestry schemes or are working towards certification. Boen is consciously aware of its responsibility to the supporting sustainable forestation and is constantly involved in resource preservation methods, participation in reforestation programs and the development of alternatives to exotic species.

Salisbury Hardwood Flooring is the go to supplier for all UK sports floor needs, with a team of dedicated customer service experts on call to offer specialist advice and guidance. This includes all aspects of the flooring process, from project planning and qualified specialist installation to cleaning and maintenance advice.

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About Boen Boflex Olympia: Using patented triple layer technology and floating installation system makes Boen Boflex Olympia flooring the most innovative sprung sports flooring solution on the market. The 5.5mm top hardwood layer makes the product is extremely durable while the revolutionary engineered design makes it impossible to overload.

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