Samsung Kick-Starts Next Generation of Memory with High Bandwidth Memory DRAM

Market leading Samsung has started the race to bring the next generation of RAM memory to market, with the innovative High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) DRAM now coming out of its factories.

The new DRAM is being heralded as the ‘latest and greatest’, and will offer twice the bandwidth of the old HBM1 memory. Users will get data in and out at 256GBps, and there will be various capacities available. Though the memory modules have already gone into production, the Korean manufacturer isn’t saying when the industry-first 4GB DRAM modules will hit the shelves – but they have guaranteed an 8GB version before the end of 2016.

Data Memory Systems, one of the US’ leading providers of computer memory solutions, is renowned for keeping its finger on the pulse of all the latest goings-on in the world of tech. The experts at the firm are looking forward to welcoming the next generation of DRAM to their stock.

A spokesman for Data Memory Systems says, “Technology moves faster than ever nowadays, and we’re always poised for the latest developments and breakthroughs. This announcement by Samsung marks the beginning of next-generation DRAM, with speeds up to seven times faster than its predecessors.”

The spokesman adds, “The memory has only just been put into production and will likely become available over the course of the next year – we eagerly anticipate being able to sell these modules on our site, which is renowned for being one of the US’ premier memory suppliers for business and individuals alike.”

The new DRAM has been produced with an eye on high-performing computing, advanced graphics and network systems, and enterprise services. According to Samsung themselves, the rapid adoption of high-performance computing systems by IT companies across the globe was the key factor in them deciding to produce a memory module that’s suitable for the demands of these systems.

The new modules will also be effective for those who seek components for high-end gaming computers. The DRAM will enable graphics-intensive applications to run flawlessly, which will be ideal for the die-hard PC gamers out there that don’t want to compromise when it comes to their tech.

A further announcement from Samsung on the HBM DRAM modules is anticipated over the coming months. Until then, those seeking a computer memory upgrade will find a multitude of options at Data Memory Systems, from external hard drives to RAM modules for any device.

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