The second in an exciting series of interactive leadership events designed to help Ontario residents tap into personal and business growth potential will take place next week.

Part of a trio of fascinating roundtables hosted by notable local leadership, wellness and relationship expert Karen Bayles, the Thursday June 6 session promises to be one of the hottest tickets on the summer corporate calendar. It will be followed by a third and final roundtable in the series on Tuesday June 18, giving yet another opportunity for Eastern Ontario’s business community to enjoy expert coaching in the field of leadership skills development.

The events are popular with local managers, who see the round table sessions as a way to hone their skills. One recent delegate commented, “Connecting to people is so very important. The workshop provided some real insight and practice tools to connection and storytelling. These tools will make a difference in work and in my personal life! The largest room in anyone’s life is the room for improvement. Our community, our country, our world needs continual improvement to meet the challenges of global competition and technological change. Karen is 10 years ahead of her time with her tools and insights to fulfil these needs. What the world needs is thousands of trainers like Karen.

 The meaningful sessions are carefully designed to better equip business heads and community members with transferable skills. Each of the two remaining roundtable events in the series provided focused time for business growth as well as establishing networking and mastermind opportunities. Full of strategic insight, attendees at the lunchtime sessions can expect to come away from the roundtable with a framework for more effective management and communication.

The roundtables are substantial learning opportunities which facilitate stronger business relationships. They include a host of practical learning opportunities and hands-on training delivered in Bayles’ trademark open manner. She explains, “I know that everyone who attends a roundtable is making a window in a busy and demanding day to gain a new perspective on leadership and learn through interaction with myself and others. I love to create this space where attendees can afford themselves time to take a step back and consider topics from new angles. Some of the most impactful decisions leaders can make come from this, helping them to improve and grow the product, service or culture.”

Topics on the agenda at the previous round table session, delivered on Thursday May 23rd included how to make meaningful connections quickly, understanding the values most essential to your own well being and establishing your "why"; the kind of why that will weather obstacles and storms. Eric Hallet, Lead Pastor at Centennial Road Church came away from the event with several new perspectives. He said, “These roundtable events allow me the chance to step away from day to day activities and engage in leadership education in an inspirational environment. Karen opened up opportunities to think about leadership priorities in creative ways. I have thought about my priorities in new ways since the event in a way that is helping me to focus on areas of my leadership that will advance the mission of my organization. Every family, non-profit, business enterprise, goverment or educational institution can benefit from the leadership training and coaching that Karen is providing.

Passionate about helping others maximize their enthusiasm for life – both at home and in the workplace, Bayles implements a “no regrets” mentoring style. Those attending the upcoming roundtable on June 6th can expect to come away with a new approach for improving key relationships, achieving greater clarity of purpose and growing as a leader.

Realtor Kathy MacDonald is looking forwards to attending after participating in previous Karen Bayles sessions. She said, “As a realtor, it is imperative that I am listening to my client and understanding and comprehending their needs so that I am able to serve them properly and well. I also require organization and delegation to ensure that a transaction is smooth and seamless for my buyers and sellers.

“On May 23, we dealt with ‘LISTENING” and different methods of extracting information and learning what is important to our team or, in my case, our clients. The methodology suggested by Karen was extremely useful as it was a better way of developing information on a client’s needs versus typical “what are you looking for?”.

“I don’t currently “lead” anyone as I am a sole operator however I believe that the learning is very beneficial as I am leading my clients in the single largest investment in their lives and it is crucial that I am doing so in the best way possible for them. I can do so by taking advantage of all of the resources available to me and also ensuring that my clients are well informed, in a method that suits them.”

The Eastern Ontario Leadership Roundtable Events will take place at the Centennial Road Church, 3454 County Road 27, RR#2, Lyn Ontario K0E 1M0. The events will be held on Thursday June 6 and Tuesday June 18, 2013 at 12.00 – 1.30pm. Tickets are priced at $35 per session with lunch included. Corporate/Group Rate:  5 or more guests $20/person for both sessions. Ticket price includes lunch. To RSVP, contact Joan Wilson on 1-855-928-2500 (toll free) or email

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Karen Bayles is passionate about helping others maximize their enthusiasm for life – both at home and in the workplace. A founder of four successful result-driven companies, Karen draws on a myriad of life experiences. Born and raised in the States, Karen graduated from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada where she currently resides. A mother of three active kids and business partner to her loving husband, Bill, she enthusiastically admits her life has never had a dull moment.

With a holistic approach to leadership, relationship and wellness coaching, Karen takes an all-encompassing look at what it truly means to lead a fulfilled life in body, mind and soul. She also believes it is important for people to accept themselves, and in turn, accept and show compassion for others.