Sensitive data remains safe with ConsortiQ - Cyber Essentials security accreditation is received

Integrated drone solutions provider ConsortiQ remains the trusted choice for public sector businesses, as it is accredited with the Cyber Essentials security standard.  Following on from assessment by IASME (Information Assurance for Small to Medium Enterprises), the Cyber Essentials accreditation demonstrates proficiency in protection against cyber-crime, ensuring past and prospective clients of ConsortiQ that their data is safe when using the company for their UAV based services.

IASME are appointed by the HM Government to deliver the Cyber Essentials scheme, which is created to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber-attacks. Clients can remain confident in the company, as ConsortiQ will be audited periodically to ensure compliance with the Cyber Essentials standard, following on from this recent accreditation.

John Gore, Project Manager and Platform Specialist at ConsortiQ commented "At ConsortiQ, much of the work we do for our clients involves utilising the use of a drone to collect large amounts of data, which we then process and analyse to deliver information for making critical business decisions. In our growing internet age, ensuring security and protection of this virtual data is of vital importance to us and our clients.”

Gore continued “We work hard to implement thorough policies and working practices that keep our business at the top of its game when it comes to ensuring all the data we collect is handled and stored in the safest possible way.  Myself, and everyone at ConsortiQ is proud to have achieved the Government set Cyber Essentials Security accreditation as it reflects the level of importance that we place on keeping our customers data safe and secure.”

Amongst a wide range of customers, ConsortiQ regularly provide public sector organisations with expert training and consultancy for the industrial use of UAVs, as well as delivering drones as a service to solve business problems. Adhering to the Cyber Essentials security scheme means that ConsortiQ can continue their working relationship with public sector companies with ease, aligning to their security standards.

As well as offering consultancy and providing a service, ConsortiQ have proprietary software and hardware for flight planning, and logging and asset management to help their clients decipher key findings from data that is captured with a drone. Following the Cyber Essentials security guidelines ensures that the integrated drones solution provider can continue to develop this powerful software in-house without the worry of any security breaches.

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ConsortiQ Ltd was incorporated in March 2015 bringing together three leading drone companies and six dynamic individuals. With a history of pioneering safety cases for multi-million dollar US movie productions, filming high profile music videos and with innovative approaches to regulatory training; ConsortiQ leveraged the capabilities and knowledge by merging UAViate Ltd, Cloud12 Ltd and UAV Airways Ltd. ConsortiQ still retain the original brands as ‘shop fronts’ and trading names although they have been wholly subsumed into ConsortiQ Ltd.