SHWEEBO LAUNCHES– A Package Forwarding Company That Lets Shoppers All Over The World Shop Their Favorite US Stores

Shweebo launches this week! Shweebo is a unique new package forwarding company which lets people from all over the world shop in their favorite US stores and have their purchases delivered right to their door for a low cost fee.

Some stores are either unable to ship to certain locations or impose high international shipping charges. For those unable to purchase their must haves from iconic American stores in their country of residence, Shweebo helps shoppers overcome those obstacles by providing their customers with a physical US address. Delivery of the items from the retailer is then subject to the usual low cost domestic shipping charges.  From there, Shweebo will handle all the logistics of getting their customers’ items shipped to wherever in the world they may be.

A company spokesperson at Shweebo says, “We are a group of professionals from all walks of life who have traveled, lived around the globe and have appreciated the various cultures and customs.  With living abroad, it was always a challenge to purchase US goods and then have them shipped to the country we were in at the time.  We always had issues with getting US products delivered timely and without damage.  We tried the many services out there that provide similar services as Shweebo, but repeatedly had the same issues.  The need for stellar customer service, coupled with great technology, quickly became apparent and so Shweebo was born.” 

As well as the utterly unique personalized US address, Shweebo also offers an ingenious package miser service, so that if a shopper has a range of items purchased from various stores on the way, they will be able to consolidate the various packages into one parcel to save on shipping costs. This removes the cost of shipping each item individually and paying multiple shipping fees. Thanks to Shweebo’s helpful Shoppers Assist service, customers who want items delivered that are harder to find or only available in stores needn’t worry. The friendly shoppers at Shweebo will actually go and hunt those items down, so they can still be yours.

Thanks to these groundbreaking services, not to mention other useful features such as their Shweesure insurance service, the ability for repeat customers to accumulate Shweebo points to use on future purchases and the fact that they use environmentally friendly recycled packaging materials, this new company surely will become the first choice when it comes to getting American goods delivered abroad.

For a full list of the services available at Shweebo and to begin getting goods delivered from the US to anywhere in the world, visit

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About Shweebo

Shweebo is a Package Forwarding Company that offers various services to our customers in order to ensure that their products arrive quickly and safely to their destination.  We believe in giving our customers full control of the supply chain.  This allows for our customers to be proactive and take full advantage of cost savings or prevent delays in their shipments.  We do this through the technologies utilized and partnerships that we have formed, all with this same goal.