Shweebo offers shipping from the US to Singapore

Singapore ( 15 January 2014) - Shweebo’s recently introduced shipping  from US to Singapore service provides Singaporean online shoppers with the opportunity to purchase from US websites and enjoy the same benefits such as greater choice and lower cost that, until now, have been available only to US citizens with a physical and US credit card address.

Globally online shopping is rapidly becoming the preferred shopping medium. While there are significant differences between different regions, on average around 47% of shoppers prefer online shopping to any other form. In Singapore the online shopping market is forecast to reach S$4.4 billion by 2015, and currently around 60% of Singaporean online shopping is on overseas websites, and in particular on websites in the US.

Singaporeans cite local unavailability, greater choice, and lower prices as being the most important reasons why they buy from overseas websites. However a major problem for Singaporean online shoppers is that many web stores in the US don’t offer international delivery and/or will only sell to customers with a US credit card address. Also, many US web stores have separate websites for international customers which have significantly higher prices than those offered to customers in the US. These problems have now been overcome by Shweebo which is now able to offer shipping from US to Singapore for online shoppers.

The International package forwarding service introduced by Shweebo allows international customers to buy goods from US websites and have them delivered to Singapore as well as many other countries. Singaporeans who sign up to Shweebo receive their very own physical US Address. This means that they are able to shop on US websites and enjoy the same privileges as US shoppers, particularly lower prices along with a greater choice and availability; many US websites will also provide free shipping to the physical Shweebo US Address as well as discounted prices that are not available on their international websites.

For multiple purchases from more than one website Shweebo consolidates the different packages through its ‘Package Miser’ service and ships a single consolidated package to the client’s Singapore address thus providing significant cost savings. In addition the Package Miser service utilizes leading edge technology which allows shoppers to save on weight and benefit from further reductions in shipping costs. Packages are shipped safely and on time.

Shweebo also offers Singaporeans a Shoppers Assist service which will make purchases for them. The service is analogous to having a personal shopper. Shweebo provides this service via a network of personal shoppers that are located in various cities throughout the US, giving Shweebo clients in Singapore a range of options for buying the products they are looking for.

To assist international shoppers Shweebo also provides a series of tools which are designed to help avoid the potential pitfalls of international shipping and to ensure that shipping to Singapore is a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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About Shweebo

Shweebo Package Forwarding Company was established by a group of professionals from a number of different fields who have spent time travelling and living around the world appreciating various cultures and customs. They were united in their experience of the difficulties posed when attempting to purchase US Goods and having them shipped safely to the country they were in at the time. Organisations that appeared to offer similar services to Shweebo repeatedly failed to provide an adequate service and it became apparent that a customer focussed service coupled with leading edge technology was needed. As a result Shweebo was launched.

Shweebo’s recycle and save policy promotes Earth Friendly Packaging, providing clients with the choice to give back and utilize recycled materials for package shipping while making additional savings.