Simon Walland Family Law – Learn At Home Webinars The Revolutionary New Way To Access Legal Advice on Family Law Topics

If you need to make an application, or are facing a court hearing in relation to your child, divorce, or a financial arrangement, the prospect can be incredibly daunting. Emotionally there is so much riding on being successful and ensuring that you are heard you may feel completely out of your depth, leaving you lacking the confidence to assert yourself properly.  The court procedure can feel intimidating, facing your ex-partner can be difficult, meeting deadlines and providing the right information can be daunting.  As a litigant in person and dealing with this alone can be a nightmare.

The withdrawal of Legal Aid in Family Law has meant that more and more people are attending court alone without access to good legal advice. In many situations, they find themselves unable to present their case to their full advantage.  Trying to understand complex legal problems and find the right advice on an internet search can lead to even greater confusion, as can using a divorce forum where bad advice is distributed along with good advice.

Simon Walland, who has worked in Family Law since 2002 and been a lawyer since 2010 has identified a gap in the market to provide the right support, advice and confidence that a litigant in person needs, and has provided that support successfully as a Professional McKenzie Friend.  Highly experienced and dedicated to upholding exceptionally professional standards for conduct, Simon prepares cases, attends court and provides advice at a fraction of the cost of a Solicitor or Barrister.

In addition, Simon tell us; “We are regularly approached by a diverse range of people for help with filling out forms, writing statements and preparing court documentation. Many of these queries come up again and again, and we thought it would be useful for our clients to have this information readily available to access whenever they need to, and so we developed a range of online tools to assist”

Simon Walland Family Law are delighted to introduce an innovative new series of videos and online courses addressing the most common family law questions and concerns.

Each element will address an issue and help you to understand the legality behind it. They will guide you through, in easy to follow steps, how to approach these issues and what you may need to do in order to effectively prepare yourself for your court hearing.  From completing application forms for child arrangements orders, with complimentary example downloads, through to preparing for court attendance, each guide is available with unlimited viewing and the added bonus of a 30-minute consultation with Simon.  Additional consultation is available as is engaging Simon to assist with your case.

The simple solution to accessing family law advice from the comfort of your own home!

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