Simple, Useful, Sustainable: Introducing Finchtail Tablet Stand

Inspired by design, sustainability and common sense, Finchtail is an innovative product start-up that aims to solve everyday problems in simple and stylish ways. Its first product is a Tablet and Smartphone Stand that re-thinks the approach to turning smart devices into hands free gadgets.  The reusable and recyclable cardboard stand has already attracted acclaim in the design world, and has been featured by Design Week, BP&O and the

Initial business wins for the product have been encouraging. The Design Museum trialled it in their shop and promptly sold out of the initial order within a few days. En Route, a global travel firm recently featured Finchtail as one of its exciting new products at a major travel trade exhibition in Hamburg.

Built on visions of sustainability and common sense, the Finchtail Tablet and Smartphone Stand supports handheld devices for an ultra-convenient hands-free experience. Whether squeezing in a few chapters before bed, watching a film on-the-go, powering through paragraphs while sipping on a coffee or getting utterly lost during a flight, the innovative Finchtail Tablet Stand is the perfect solution for turning tablets and smartphones into free standing devices. 

Finchtail are currently working on further product ideas that are simple and useful.  They are also looking to develop an innovative collaborative product development pipeline where budding designers are able to work with Finchtail to get their ideas to market under the Finchtail brand umbrella providing the ideal home for their simple, useful products.

Martin Woodhouse, Founder of Finchtail said, “When we needed a simple, useful (and inexpensive) solution for a business presentation the product we wanted just wasn’t available to buy – so we created it.  Taking the idea through to concept and to market has been a challenging and rewarding experience and we are thrilled to now be stocked by the Design Museum Shop.

“We worked hard with creative agency Believe In to create a distinctive brand identity that could be a host for lots of simple, useful ideas.  Moving forward we are excited about what the Finchtail brand will stand for and what it could become with our approach to design collaboration.  If you have an idea and want to work together to get it going give us a shout!”    

The Tablet and Smartphone Stand is available to buy direct from the website — — as a single stand (£3), 6 stands (£16) or box of 12 stands (£30).

To find out more about the Finchtail Tablet Stand and join the smart, simple and sustainable technology revolution, go to:




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Inspired by design, sustainability and common sense, Finchtail is an innovative product development group that aims to solve everyday problems in simple and stylish ways. The Finchtail Tablet Stand is the group’s debut product and perfectly encompasses its ethos and values. It’s lightweight, eco-friendly and above all, intelligent. The company loves to collaborate with like-minded individuals and companies, and is always on the search for new opportunities.